HC Deb 05 March 1940 vol 358 c173

The VICE-CHAMBERLAIN OF THE HOUSEHOLD (Major Sir JAMES EDMONDSON) reported His Majesty's Answer to the Addresses, as followeth:

I have received your addresses praying that the Government of India (Orissa and Sind Governors' Allowances and Privileges) Order, 1940, the Government of India(Adaptation of Indian Laws (Amendment) Order, 1940,he Government of India (High Court Judges) Amendment) Order 1940, the Government of India (Federal Court) (Amendment)Order, 1940, the Government of India(Distribution of Revenues) Amendment) Order, 1940, the Government of Burma (India-Burma Financial Settlement) Order, 1940, and the Government of Burma (Shan States Federal Fund)Order, 1940, be made in the form of the respective drafts laid before Parliament.

I will comply with your request.

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