HC Deb 19 June 1940 vol 362 cc177-213

As amended, considered.

  1. NEW CLAUSE.—(Special provisions as to mines, oil-wells, etc.) 6,283 words
  2. cc192-7
  3. AIR RAID REHEARSAL. 2,087 words
  4. cc197-9
  5. CLAUSE 8.—(Excise licences for vehicles belonging to members of forces on leave.) 828 words
  6. cc199-200
  7. CLAUSE 14.—(Modification of relief from Schedule A in case of unoccupied houses.) 128 words
  8. cc200-1
  9. CLAUSE 15.—(Taxation of excess rents of immediate lessors arising under certain short leases.) 252 words
  10. cc201-5
  11. CLAUSE 31.—(Miscellaneous amendments as to standard profits.) 1,597 words
  12. cc205-13
  13. FIFTH SCHEDULE.—(Provisions as to Excess Profits Tax and National Defence Contribution in the case of interconnected companies.) 3,444 words