HC Deb 23 July 1940 vol 363 cc594-5
23. Mr. Wedgwood

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he is aware that Karl Obritisch, youngest Member of Parliament of the Weimar Republic and a Czech anti-Nazi refugee, was on board the "Arandora Star"; whether he was saved; and why he was deported?

Mr. Eden

No internee with the name given in the Question is traced as having been on board the "Arandora Star." The list contains a Karel Olbrisch, a category A German, who is reported "missing."

Mr. Wedgwood

Is not that the same man?

Mr. Eden

No, Sir; the name is spelt differently—Karel Olbrisch—and I understand he was born as Essen.

Mr. Mathers

Has the right hon. Gentleman a full list of those who were on board the "Arandora Star," and of those who were saved and those who were lost?

Mr. Eden

A list is being compiled and will be made available in the Library of the House as soon as possible.

Mr. R. Gibson

As I was promised a week ago that this would be available, can the right hon. Gentleman say when it will be made available?

Mr. Eden

Probably to-morrow.

Mr. White

Is any attempt being made to follow up the numerous cases of substitution which it is understood took place?

Mr. Eden

That question is being dealt with later.

38. Mr. G. Strauss

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he can now make any further statement as to whether the Germans and Italians on the "Arandora Star" were all Nazi sympathisers?

Mr. Eden

In view of the allegations that have reached me, instructions have been issued that immediate inquiries should be made into all the circumstances of this case. A further statement will be made to the House as soon as the inquiries are completed.

Mr. Strauss

Will that be within a few days?

Mr. Eden

I cannot promise that, because a great many matters are being looked into, but there will be no undue delay.

Mr. Silverman

Will that statement include any information as to who was responsible for the drafting of particular individuals to the "Arandora Star"?

Mr. Eden

Yes, Sir, that will certainly be one of the matters to be inquired into.