HC Deb 07 August 1940 vol 364 c184
12. Sir Murdoch MacDonald

asked the Secretary of State for Air whether he will appoint a selection board for his Ministry in Edinburgh and thus prevent the long travel and expense in coming to London incurred by candidates for the service from the North?

Sir A. Sinclair

I am glad to say that arrangements have been made for a Royal Air Force Selection Board to sit in Edinburgh for the purpose of interviewing candidates for commissions and applicants for air-crew duties in other than commission rank. The Board will start work in the immediate future. The President will be Group Captain Keary, the other members Flight-Lieutenant Maclean and Adjutant Flying-Officer Kyle.

Mr. Mathers

What area will be covered by the activities of this Board?

Sir A. Sinclair


Mr. Maclean

Will applicants for a commission still have to come to London?

Sir A. Sinclair

No, Sir, not if they come under this particular Board.

Mr. R. Gibson

Will the Minister see that applicants who have been asked to travel to Edinburgh will not be turned down after having answered three simple questions, which might easily have been put by post?

Sir Henry Morris-Jones

Is it a fact that a candidate was turned down because of his Scottish accent?

Sir A. Sinclair

The Board will understand all these points.

Mr. Denville

What provision is made for candidates from Newcastle-on-Tyne, several of whom have travelled long distances and have paid their own fares?