HC Deb 02 March 1939 vol 344 cc1413-4
6. Mr. Gardner

asked the Minister of Labour the number of unemployed persons taken over by the Unemployment Assistance Board from the West Ham Public Assistance Committee on 1st April, 1937; the number of these cases then in receipt of public assistance that were investigated and rejected by the Board; the number of West Ham unemployed receiving unemployment assistance on 1st April, 1938, and on 1st October, 1938, or nearest convenient dates; and the number of them receiving help from the public assistance committee at the same dates?

Mr. E. Brown

With regard to the first and second parts of the question, I would refer the hon. Member to the reply given to a question put to me by the hon. Member for Plaistow (Mr. Thorne) on 26th May last, of which I will send the hon. Member a copy. As regards the remainder of the question, there were in the County Borough of West Ham on 7th October, last, which is the only date for which such figures are available in respect of the local authority area, approximately 2,100 persons in receipt of unemployment allowances, and I am informed by my right hon. Friend the Minister of Health that the average numbers of unemployed persons, excluding dependants, registering at Employment Exchanges who were in receipt of out-relief on account of unemployment during the months of April and October, 1938, were 526 and 306 respectively.

Mr. Gardner

When are the Government going to keep their promise to take over all the unemployed?

Mr. Brown

No such promise was ever given, and, therefore, the question does not arise.

20. Mr. Thorne

asked the Minister of Labour the number of men and women, respectively, registered as unemployed at the borough of West Ham Employment Exchanges during the last week in January, 1939, or the last convenient date.

Mr. Brown

At 16th January last, 11,009 men and 2,207 women, aged 18 and over, were registered as unemployed at Employment Exchanges in the County Borough of West Ham.

21. Mr. Thorne

asked the Minister of Labour as on the last convenient date, the number of applications by the Unemployment Assistance Board for supple mentary allowance in respect of the waiting period in the borough of West Ham; and the number of cases in which such allowances have been granted?

Mr. Brown

I regret that information relating to local government areas is not available, but I will forward to the hon. Member figures based on the Board's administrative areas which, I hope, will serve his purpose.