HC Deb 14 June 1939 vol 348 cc1306-7
65. Mr. Paling

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether the four Bills to be dealt with by the Legislative Council of Sierra Leone during the present session, namely, the Incitement to Disaffection Ordinance, the Sedition Ordinance, the Deportation Ordinance, and the Undesirable Literature Ordinance have been submitted to him for his consideration and, if so, with what result?

Sir T. Inskip

The answer to the first part of the question is in the affirmative. As regards the second part, the Incitement to Disaffection Ordinance, the Sedition Ordinance and the Undesirable Publications Ordinance have been passed by the Legislative Council. My right hon. Friend is at present in communication with the Governor on certain points relating to the Deportation Bill, which is to be debated again on 20th June.

Mr. Paling

In view of the trouble that has occurred in the West Indies, arising largely out of suppression of this kind, when are the Government going to learn that there are better ways of dealing with these troubles and the poverty of the natives than by trying to suppress them; and when will they be inclined to give the natives the same rights as we have in this country?

Mr. Foot

Does the right hon. Gentleman approve of the suspension of Habeas Corpus contained in the Deportation Ordinance?

Sir T. Inskip

I was not asked to express an opinion on that question; I was asked whether these Ordinances had been submitted to my right hon. Friend for consideration.

Mr. Maxton

Was this legislation initiated in Sierra Leone, or by the Secretary of State for the Colonies himself?

Sir T. Inskip

It was initiated in Sierra Leone, and certain models were submitted to my right hon. Friend.

Mr. A. Henderson

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that the "Ethiopian News," a paper printed and published in this country, has been placed upon the banned list?

Sir T. Inskip

I was not aware of that particular paper.

Mr. Riley

In view of the feeling with regard to these Ordinances, will the right hon. Gentleman have copies of them placed in the Library?

Sir T. Inskip

I have no doubt that these Ordinances will be available in the ordinary way as soon as they are passed.

Mr. Leach

Is Sierra Leone a totalitarian State?

Mr. Stephen

Is it not necessary that the House should see them before they are passed?