HC Deb 12 July 1939 vol 349 cc2311-57

Considered in Committee.

[Colonel Clifton Brown in the Chair.]

  1. CLAUSE I.—(Payments to producers and boards in respect of quality milk.) 3,615 words
  2. cc2320-7
  3. CLAUSE 2.—(Payments from Exchequer to boards in respect of milk sold at reduced prices.) 2,815 words
  4. cc2327-32
  5. CLAUSE 3—(Payments to be made from Exchequer to boards in respect of milk used in manufacturing butter and cheese.) 1,898 words
  6. cc2332-47
  7. CLAUSE 4— (Limitation of quantity of milk in respect of which Exchequer payments may be made.) 6,725 words, 1 division
  8. cc2347-51
  9. CLAUSE 7—(Extension of functions of consumers' committees.) 799 words
  10. cc2351-7
  11. SCHEDULE.—(Payments in Respect of Quality Milk.) 2,305 words