HC Deb 13 December 1939 vol 355 c1174
2. Mr. Levy

asked the Prime Minister whether he will lay a White Paper dealing with the Anglo-Russian talks before the war for a united front against aggression, so that the world may know what sort of bargain involving certain small States the Soviet sought to make; or alternatively will he consider making a statement to the House, since the House has never been officially informed, of the character and scope of the Moscow negotiations?

3. Mr. Mander

asked the Prime Minister whether he will now, in the light of recent events, reconsider the decision of the Government not to publish in the form of a White Paper particulars of the Anglo-Russian negotiations prior to the outbreak of war?

6. Mr. Boothby

asked the Prime Minister whether, during the final stage of the negotiations the Soviet Government put forward demands for the political domination of the Baltic States, including Finland, as a condition of signing a pact of mutual assistance; and whether our refusal to accept these demands was the cause of the breakdown of the negotiations?

The Prime Minister

My Noble Friend is having a White Paper prepared, showing the course of the negotiations which took place with the Soviet Government earlier in the year. This will be laid before the House as soon as possible, but its preparation will necessarily take some little time.

Mr. Boothby

May I ask the Prime Minister whether he will take steps to see that the contents of this White Paper are widely distributed among the neutral countries?

The Prime Minister

Yes, Sir.

Mr. Thorne

If the White Paper is ready during the Recess, will the Government have it sent round to the Members of the House?

The Prime Minister

Yes, Sir, it will be sent round if it is ready during the Recess.

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