HC Deb 05 December 1939 vol 355 c441
51. Mr. G. Strauss

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether, in order to render more effective the exchange control of the £, he has approached the Dominion Governments with a view to forming a joint Empire control; and, if se, with what result?

Captain Crookshank

Each of the Dominion Governments has imposed exchange control under its own legislation, and every effort is made to ensure coordination and co-operation between the authorities concerned, both as regards the Governments and the central banks.

Mr. Strauss

Is the right hon. and gallant Gentleman aware that unless there is unified control, there cannot be complete and satisfactory control?

Captain Crookshank

I think everything is quite satisfactory in this field at the moment.

Appointments made from outbreak of war up to the 31st October, 1939, of persons, not already serving in the Civil Service, to posts with a salary of £1,000 a year and over.
Department. Appointment. Salary.
Admiralty 1 Adviser on Scientific Development 1,000
Air Ministry 1 Special appointment in the Directorate of SubContracting. 1,100
1 Inspector of Camouflage 1,000
1 Director of Armament Production Not yet fixed.
1 Assistant Director of Armament Production 1,050
Foreign Office 10 Specialists in the Political Intelligence Department. 1,000
Home Office and Ministry of Home Security. 13 Regional Commissioners 2,500*
12 Deputy Regional Commissioners 1,000*
5 District Commissioners (Scotland) 1,000*
9 Regional Works Advisers 1,000*
Press and Censorship Bureau.
1 Director General Not yet fixed.
1 Deputy Director, News Division 1,000
2 Deputy Directors, Censorship Division 1,200
Mines Department 1 Director for Mining Supplies 1,200
Ministry of Economic Warfare. 1 Head of Financial Pressure Department 1,000