HC Deb 05 December 1939 vol 355 cc442-5
62. Sir A. Knox

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether he is now in a position to give a list of the appointments with a salary of £1,000 a year and over that have been made by various Ministries from the declaration of war till the end of October of persons not already serving in the Civil Service?

Captain Crookshank

I am circulating the list in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Following is the list:

Department. Appointment. Salary.
Administrative. £
Ministry of Food 2 Assistant Secretaries 1,000
2 Directors 1,500
1 Director 1,300
13 Directors and Deputy Directors 1,200
1 Deputy Director 1,100
30 Directors, Assistant Directors, Supervisors, etc. 1,000
1 Director 1,250
2 Directors 1,200
3 Directors, Deputy Directors, etc. 1,000
Divisional Organisation.
17 Divisional Food Officers 1,000
Hospital Emergency Service.
Ministry of Health 11 Consultant Advisers 1,400
1 Assistant Consultant Adviser 1,200
1 Medical Superintendent 1,200
19 Group Officers 1,300
1 Deputy Group Officer 1,000
Hospital Emergency Service.
Department of Health for Scotland. 3 Surgical Directors 1,300
1 Visiting Physician and General Director Medical Organisation for Western Scotland 1,300
Ministry of Information 1 Assistant Director General 1,250 (provisional)
5 Heads of Divisions 1,250
1 Head of Section 1,200
17 Deputy and Assistant Heads of Divisions and Heads of Sections. 1,000
Ministry of Supply 1 Superintendent, Air Defence Experimental Establishment. 1,050 to 1,250
1 Director of Statistics 1,500
1 Director of Transportation Equipment 1,500
2 Assistant Directors of Ordnance Factories 1,200
1 Assistant Director of Contracts 1,000
1 Assistant to the Director General of Finance 1,000
Raw Material Controls
40 Controllers, etc. From 1,000 to 1,500 (range)†
Treasury 1 Temporary Administrative Officer 1,000
War Office 1 Director General of Transportation and Movements. 2,000
1 Chief Postal Censor Not yet fixed.
* Some of these officers have declined a salary; others have not accepted the full salary.
† Some of these officers have declined a salary.
The above list does not include Naval, Military or Air Force Officers employed on special duties by the Defence Departments etc., with the pay and allowances of their rank.
66. Mr. Creech Jones

asked the Financial Secretary to the Treasury whether his attention has been drawn to the introduction by highly placed officials of their relatives, including wives and daughters, to posts in Government Departments in which they serve; is he aware that in some cases such relatives have no clerical qualifications or previous office experience to entitle them to consideration for such posts; and whether, in view of the unem- ployment among clerical workers, he will inform Departments that these appointments are irregular and contrary to the public interest and should be reviewed and that a proper procedure should be followed for filling temporary and other posts?

Captain Crookshank

The hon. Member may rest assured that the normal procedure is that temporary vacancies in Government Departments should be filled through the machinery of the Ministry of Labour. I am aware that in a limited number of cases relatives of members of the staff of a Government Department were appointed to temporary posts in the same Department. Apart from a few cases in which exceptional circumstances existed, such appointments were for the most part made as a matter of urgency in the early days of the war when it was difficult invariably to take advantage of the normal supply arrangements. I do not agree, however, that the persons so appointed were without qualifications. The number of appointments of relatives is very small in relation to the considerable expansion of Government Departments that has taken place; they are being examined with a view to the substitution in appropriate cases of officers recruited in the normal way.

Mr. Creech Jones

In view of the importance of maintaining public confidence in these appointments, will the Minister issue instructions to all Departments that these appointments must in future be made in accordance with the regulations laid down by the Treasury?

Captain Crookshank

I think if the hon. Gentleman studies the reply which I have given, he will find full satisfaction in it.