HC Deb 25 April 1939 vol 346 cc989-90

Before I disclose how I propose to raise this taxation, there are some minor proposals to be embodied in the Finance Bill which I ought to mention at this stage, and I will do so as quickly as I can. Legislation will be necessary in connection with certain points arising out of the Trade Agreements recently concluded with the United States and with India. In particular, I shall have to table Resolutions to implement certain provisions in the American Agreement and, in the case of the Indian Agreement, to bring the new Agreement within the framework of the Ottawa Agreements Act, 1932, and to amend the existing drawback arrangements for linseed and ground-nut oil. I propose also to ask for authority, similar to that granted on previous occasions, to transfer to the Exchequer the sum of £1,500,000 from the account of unclaimed dividends. The transfer would, however, not necessarily be made this year, and I have not included anything from this source in the estimate of Miscellaneous Revenue for 1939.

I shall have to propose a Resolution providing a new licence duty to be paid by brewers who take advantage of certain facilities which some brewers require and which will be provided for in the Finance Bill. I believe it is technically described as "priming of beer at depots." I should explain that this does not involve an increase in the taxation on beer, the only object being that those brewers who enjoy the facility shall recoup the Exchequer for the administrative expense involved.