HC Deb 05 April 1939 vol 345 cc2881-2

Expenses of Government Departments.

1. Expenses for the purpose of arrangements in carrying out agreements—

  1. (a) to secure that in the event of war facilities will be available for the treatment in hospital of casualties occurring in Great Britain from hostile attack;
  2. (b) for the training in advance in nursing of persons who express their willingness to offer their services in the event of war; and
  3. (c) for the provision of a bacteriological service for controlling the spread of infectious disease in the event of war.

2. Expenses in or in connection with the acquisition or storage of equipment and other material with a view to the accommodation and maintenance of members of the civil population transferred from one area to another in the event of war or the imminence of war.

3. Expenses in or in connection with the acquisition and holding, or the making of arrangements for the acquisition and holding, and the storage, preservation and transport of stocks of plant and materials for the repair of roads, bridges and buildings damaged by hostile attack.

4. Administrative expenses, including expenses incurred in performing any functions transferred from a defaulting local authority.

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