HC Deb 30 November 1938 vol 342 c423
78. Mr. Sexton

asked the Minister of Transport whether, in the interests of road transport requirements in peace and war, he will reconsider the Durham county council scheme for improvements in roads and bridges submitted some time ago to the Ministry?

Mr. Burgin

I have not been able to give approval in principle to the programme as a whole because the county council have not seen their way to undertake to proceed on the basis of grants at the normal rates applicable to the county. I am, however, continuing to deal with individual applications as they are submitted to me by the council.

Mr. Sexton

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that the roads are totally inadequate in time of peace and certainly so in time of war, and is he further aware that it would increase employment in one of the most distressed areas in the country?

Mr. Burgin

I am aware of the employment position, but I think both the other statements are untrue.

Hon. Members


Mr. Buchanan

On a point of Order. Ought the right hon. Gentleman to criticise an hon. Member's statement as being untrue?

Mr. Burgin

I hope the hon. Member did not misunderstand me. A matter of opinion was expressed as to the adequacy or inadequacy of roads. That is the view which I characterised as untrue, not any statement made by the hon. Member. I would not dream of making such a statement.