HC Deb 30 November 1938 vol 342 cc381-2
1. Mr. Mander

asked the Prime Minister what action it is proposed to take in regard to the action of the German Government in refusing to permit the entry of British commercial travellers on racial grounds?

The Under-Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (Mr. Butler)

The German law of 6th July, to which I presume the hon. Member refers, has the effect of debarring from employment as commercial travellers in Germany, persons of non-Aryan race resident in Germany. The effect of this law on non-Aryan commercial travellers of British nationality resident in this country is not clear, and perhaps the hon. Member will bring to my notice any cases of which he has knowledge, where British subjects have been affected.

Mr. Mander

Are the Government prepared to tolerate the action of the German Government in refusing to allow British commercial travellers to go to Germany on purely racial grounds?

Mr. Butler

I am not clear, unless the hon. Gentleman gives me certain cases which he may have in mind, whether in fact the German Government intend this or not.

Mr. Mander

I will communicate with the hon. Gentleman.

Mr. Kirkwood

There are commercial travellers who are Jews who travel between Glasgow and Berlin, and will not they be allowed to continue to go from Glasgow to Berlin?

Mr. Butler

I would not expect the position to be as serious as that. I should like to examine the case, because, as I have said, the position is not quite clear as to what the German law intends.

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