HC Deb 28 November 1938 vol 342 cc22-4
30. Sir P. Harris

asked the Prime Minister whether this country is, in certain circumstances, committed to send an expeditionary force to France; and whether, as a result of his visit to Paris, there has been any increase in such commitments?

The Prime Minister

The answer to both parts of the question is in the negative.

49. Mr. A. Henderson

asked the Prime Minister whether he will make a statement on the conversations which recently took place in Paris between British and French Ministers?

The Prime Minister

My Noble Friend the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and I were very glad to accept the cordial invitation of the French Government to visit Paris and to take advantage of this opportunity of resuming contact with the French Ministers. I should like to express our warm appreciation of the very gratifying welcome which we received from the French Government and from the people of Paris. As was stated after the meeting, views were exchanged on the principal questions in which our two countries have a common concern, including matters of national defence as well as of diplomatic action. We found ourselves in complete agreement on the general policy of the two countries, which in both cases finds its main objective in the preservation and consolidation of peace. As the purpose of the meeting was to exchange views rather than to take decisions, I am not in a position to make a more detailed statement on the conversations.

Mr. Attlee

Can the Prime Minister say whether, as a matter of fact, any decisions on questions of Defence were taken involving obligations on this country?

The Prime Minister

No, Sir.

Mr. Garro Jones

Can the Prime Minister say whether he arranged for the Secretary of State for Air to visit Paris this week, and, if so, for what purpose?

The Prime Minister

The visit of the Secretary of State for Air was arranged some time ago. I have no doubt that he is going over to discuss general matters of common concern to the two countries.

Mr. A. Henderson

May we take it from the Prime Minister's first reply, that no fresh commitments of any character were entered into?

The Prime Minister

I said, no fresh commitments.

Mr. Bellenger

Can the right hon. Gentleman say whether agreement was reached between the two Governments concerning the subjects to be discussed in the Prime Minister's forthcoming visit to Italy?