HC Deb 23 November 1938 vol 341 cc1754-5
49. Wing-Commander James

asked the Minister for the Co-ordination of Defence whether the organisation and conduct of the Imperial Defence College is subject to the direction of his Department?

The Minister for the Co-ordination of Defence (Sir Thomas Inskip)

The supervision of the College for professional purposes is vested in the Chiefs of Staff Sub-Committee of the Committee of Imperial Defence, but the Admiralty is responsible for its administration.

Wing-Commander James

Is there any reason why one of the three Services should be more exempt than the other two from the full control by the Minister for the Co-ordination of Defence of what is, after all, the only fully co-ordinated service organisation?

Sir T. Inskip

The Chiefs of Staff Sub-Committee is the appropriate body to deal with the Imperial Defence College on the professional side; but, of course, if any question arose which was a matter for a higher authority it would be dealt with either by myself or by the Prime Minister.

Wing-Commander James

Then should all questions relating to policy be addressed to my right hon. Friend?

Sir T. lnskip

I cannot go so far as to say "all questions," because there may be some which would require to be addressed to the First Lord.