HC Deb 10 May 1938 vol 335 cc1407-8
38. Mr. Fleming (forMr. Radford)

asked the Minister of Labour how many ex-service men in receipt of disability pensions are unemployed and registering at Employment Exchanges for employment; how many such men receive unemployment benefit or assistance; and how many such men are classified as suitable for normal occupations, light employment, and sympathetic employment, respectively?

Mr. E. Brown

On 4th April, 1938, 29,512 disabled ex-service men were registered at Employment Exchanges as claimants for unemployment benefit or applicants for unemployment assistance allowances, and 1,821 other disabled ex-service men were also registered. Of the total of 31,333, 17,440 were men whose disabilities do not prevent them from following their usual occupations under ordinary industrial conditions, 13,608 were men who are regarded as suitable for employment on work of a light nature, and the remaining 285 were men who were suffering from disabilities which render it difficult for them to secure employment except with some institution specially designed for severely disabled ex-service men, or otherwise by special arrangement. Figures are not available to show the number of those men who are actually in receipt of disability pension or unemployment benefit or assistance.

Sir Joseph Nall

Has my. right hon. Friend any evidence to show to what extent the degree of disability does prevent these men being engaged?

Following is the reply:

The table below shows the number of men and women over 18 years of age and of boys and girls between 14 and 18 years of age who were transferred by the Department from Durham (excluding Darlington) during 1937 and the first three months of 1938.

Mr. Brown

I would like to see that on the Order Paper.

Mr. Fleming

Is it not a fact that when an employer is looking for some new hands he naturally looks for men 100 per cent. fit?

Mr. Brown

I would not say that. The answer to the next question will show the number employed, and if my hon. and learned Friend will consider the two answers together he will see that a lot of disabled men are now employed by employers not on the King's Roll.

39. Mr. Fleming (for Mr. Radford)

asked the Minister of Labour how many ex-service men in receipt of disability pensions are employed under the King's National Roll scheme; and how many such men who are 50 per cent. or more disabled are employed under the King's National Roll scheme?

Mr. Brown

At the beginning of April, 1938, 316,776 disabled ex-service men were employed by members of the King's National Roll. There are no figures available to show how many of these men were 50 per cent. or more disabled.