HC Deb 11 March 1938 vol 332 cc2263-4
Mr. A. V. Alexander

(by Private Notice) asked the First Lord of the Admiralty whether he has any statement to make in regard to improvements in the pay and allowances of naval ratings?

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Admiralty (Mr. Shakespeare)

Yes, Sir. As a result of a review of the emoluments of married personnel in the Royal Navy and Royal Marines, it has been decided substantially to increase the basic rate of marriage allowance for naval ratings and other ranks Royal Marines to 17s. per week. This new rate of marriage allowance will apply to all ratings, whether on the 1919 or 1925 scales of pay. Allowances for children will continue as at present. The position of men serving on special service engagements has also been under consideration. These men, in some ratings, have in the past received lower rates of pay than continuous service men. Both classes perform the same duties and differ only in the period of their service in the Fleet. It has been decided to remove this difference in pay by granting such increases as will place all special service men on the continuous service scales of pay.

These changes will take effect, in respect of marriage allowance, from 28th April, and, in respect of special service scales of pay, from 1st May.

Mr. Alexander

Has any decision been taken with reference to marriage allowances to officers?

Mr. Shakespeare

I believe there is a Question on the Paper for next week. Perhaps the right hon. Gentleman will wait until then.

Admiral of the Fleet Sir Roger Keyes

How will the new rates of marriage allowance compare with those already in existence both for special service engagements men and continuous service men?

Mr. Shakespeare

The marriage allowance in respect of the 1919 scale of pay is at present 7s., and in respect of the 1925 rate, it is 10s. In each case the new marriage allowance will be 17s. As regards ratings on special service rates of pay, the able seaman and leading seaman, signalman and leading signalman, telegraphist and leading telegraphist, will, from the date I have mentioned, receive an extra 6d. per day.

Sir R. Keyes

Can the hon. Member give us some assurance that the officers will be treated equally generously?

Mr. Shakespeare

Perhaps the hon. and gallant Member will wait for a statement which is to be made by the First Lord.

Mr. Robert Gibson

Do these increases apply only to ratings afloat, or also to men employed ashore?

Mr. Shakespeare

There has been a substantial increase in regard to the emoluments of those employed ashore.