HC Deb 08 March 1938 vol 332 cc1728-9

Colonel Gretton reported from the Committee of Selection: That they had discharged the following Members from Standing Committee A: Sir Adrian Baillie, Sir Alfred Beit, Mr. Bellenger, Mr. Channon, Mr. Christie, Mr. Cove, Mr. Crossley, Mr. Day, Mr. Lawson, Mr. Leonard, and Mr. Pickthorn; and had appointed in substitution: Mr. Ralph Beaumont, Mr. Beechman, Captain Cazalet, Sir Francis Fremantle, Mr. Kirby, Mr. Selley, Mr. Silkin, Mr. Silverman, Mr. Simpson, Mr. Watson, and Major Whiteley.

Colonel Gretton further reported from the Committee; That they had added the following Twenty-five Members to Standing Committee A (in respect of the Increase of Rent and Mortgage Interest (Restrictions) Bill): Mr. Ammon, the Attorney-General, Mr. Bernays, Mr. Bevan, Sir Edward Campbell, Mr. Croom-Johnson, Mr. Gardner, Mr. Duncan Graham, Mr. Grimston, Miss Horsbrugh, Mr. Hunter, Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Johnston, Major Owen, the Solicitor-General, the Solicitor-General for Scotland, Mr. Spens, Mr. Stephen, Mr. Henry Strauss, Sir John Train, Mr. Turton, Mr. Wedderburn, Sir Kingsley Wood, and Mr. Young.