HC Deb 30 June 1938 vol 337 cc2133-7
Mr. Attlee

May I ask the Prime Minister to state the business of the House for next week, and also the business to-day in the event of the Motion to suspend the Eleven o'Clock Rule being carried?

The Prime Minister

The business for next week will be:

Monday—Second Reading of the Anglo-Turkish (Armaments Credit) Agreement Bill, Motion to approve the Clearing Office (Turkey) Amendment Order, Second Reading of the Milk (Extension and Amendment) Bill and Third Reading of the Essential Commodities Reserves Bill.

Tuesday—Report and Third Reading of the Fire Brigades Bill and Third Reading of the Imperial Telegraphs Bill.

Wednesday and until 7.30 p.m. on Thursday—Consideration of Lords Amendments to the Coal Bill. The business to be taken after 7.30 p.m. on Thursday will be announced later.

Friday—Supply; Committee [14th Allotted Day] [Second part]. The Estimate for the Mercantile Marine Services will be considered.

During the week it is hoped that there will be an opportunity of disposing of outstanding business, including the Committee stage of the Money Resolutions for the Milk Bill and the Anglo-Turkish Agreement Bill.

With regard to this evening's business, it is proposed to suspend the Eleven o'Clock Rule as a precautionary measure. As I informed the House yesterday, after the Debate on the Motion for a Select Committee it is essential to conclude the Committee stage of the Finance Bill and obtain the Third Reading of the Bacon Industry Bill. We also desire to obtain the Government of India and Government of Burma Orders, which are exempted business and do not, I understand, raise any points of controversy.

Mr. Attlee

With regard to Monday's business, might I ask that the proceedings on the Second Reading of the Milk (Extension and Amendment) Bill and the Third Reading of the Essential Commodities Reserves Bill should not be continued to a late hour if the first Order should happen to occupy a long time.

The Prime Minister

I am afraid I cannot give any definite undertaking. We shall see how business goes on. The right hon. Gentleman will realise that our programme is rather congested.

Mr. Attlee

I appreciate that there is a rather congested programme, but that is a heavy programme for Monday.

Mr. Gordon Macdonald

With regard to the Coal Bill, is the right hon. Gentleman aware that there are Lords Amendments of a substantial character, and that it might be necessary to carry the Debate on beyond 7.30 in order to dispose of it?

The Prime Minister

I am aware that, but it is hoped to dispose of it.

Motion made, and Question put, That the Proceedings on Government Business be exempted, at this day's Sitting,

from the provisions of the Standing Order (Sittings of the House)."—[The Prime Minister.]

The House divided: Ayes, 294; Noes, 139.

Division No. 263.] AYES. [3.56 p.m.
Acland-Troyte, Lt.-Col. G. J. Crowder, J. F. E. Kerr, H. W. (Oldham)
Adams, S. V. T. (Leeds, W.) Cruddas, Col. B. Kerr, J. Graham (Scottish Univs.)
Agnew, Lieut.-Comdr. P. G. Davidson, Viscountess Keyes, Admiral of the Fleet Sir R.
Albery, Sir Irving Davies, C. (Montgomery) Kimball, L.
Allen, Col. J. Sandeman (B'knhead) Davies, Major Sir G. F. (Yeovil) Lambert, Rt. Hon. G.
Allen, Lt.-Col. Sir W. J. (Armagh) Davison, Sir W. H. Latham, Sir P.
Amery, Rt. Hon. L. C. M. S. Dawson, Sir P. Leigh, Sir J.
Anderson, Rt. Hn. Sir J. (So'h Univ'e) De la Bère, R. Leighton, Major B. E. P.
Anstruther-Gray, W. J. Denman, Hon. R. D. Lennox-Boyd, A. T. L.
Apsley, Lord Denville, Alfred Levy, T.
Asks, Sir R. W. Despencer-Robertson, Major.J. A. F. Liddell, W. S.
Assheton, R. Doland, G. F. Lindsay, K. M.
Astor, Major Hon. J. J. (Dover) Donner, P. W. Lipson, D. L.
Astor, Viscountess (Plymouth, Sutton) Dower, Major A. V. G. LIewellin, Colonel J. J.
Astor, Hon. W. W. (Fulham, E.) Drewe, C. Lloyd, G. W.
Baillie, Sir A. W. M. Duckworth, Arthur (Shrewsbury) Locker-Lampson, Comdr. O. S.
Balfour, G. (Hampstead) Duckworth, W. R. (Moss Side) Loftus, P. C.
Balfour, Capt. H. H. (Isle of Thanet) Duncan, J. A. L. Mebane, W. (Huddersfield)
Balniel, Lord Dunglass, Lord MacAndrew, Colonel Sir C. G.
Barclay-Harvey, Sir C. M. Eastwood, J. F. Macdonald, Capt. P. (Isle of Wight)
Baxter, A. Beverley Eckersley, P. T. McEwen, Capt. J. H. F.
Beamish, Rear-Admiral T. P. H. Edmondson, Major Sir J. McKie, J. H.
Beaumont, Hon. R. E. B. (Portsm'h) Elliot, Rt. Hon. W. E. Maonamara, Major J. R. L.
Beechman, N. A. Ellis, Sir G. Macquisten, F.A.
Belt, Sir A. L. Maori, Capt. G. S. Maitland, A.
Bennett, Sir E. N. Elmley, Viscount Makins, Brigadier-General Sir Ernest
Bernays, R. H. Emmott, C. E. G. C Manningham-Buller, Sir M
Blair, Sir R. Emrys-Evans, P. V. Margesson, Capt. Rt. Hon. H. D. R.
Blaker, Sir R. Errington, E. Markham, S. F.
Bower, Comdr. R. T. Erskine-Hill, A. G. Marsden, Commander A
Boyce, H. Leslie Evans, Capt. A. (Cardiff, S.) Mason, Lt.-Col. Hon. G. K. M.
Bracken, B. Everard, W. L. Maxwell, Hon. S. A.
Braithwaite, Major A. N. Fildes, Sir H. Mayhew, Lt. Col. J.
Brass, Sir W. Findlay, Sir E. Meller, Sir R. J. (Mitcham)
Briscoe, Capt. R. G. Furness, S. N. Mellor, Sir J. S. P. (Tamworth)
Broadbridge, Sir G. T. Fyfe, D. P, M. Mills, Sir F. (Leyton, E.)
Brown, Col. D. C. (Hexham) Gibson, Sir C. G. (Pudsey and Otley) Mills, Major J. D. (New Forest)
Brown, Rt. Hon. E. (Leith) Gilmour, Lt.-Col. Rt. Hon. Sir J. Moore, Lieut.-Col. Sir T. C. R.
Brown, Brig.-Gen. H. C. (Newbury) Gluckstein, L. H. Moore-Brabazon, Lt.-Col. J. T. C.
Browne, A. C. (Belfast, W.) Glyn, Major Sir R. G. C. Moreing, A. C.
Bull, B. B. Goldie, N. B. Morgan, R. H.
Bullock, Capt. M. Graham, Captain A. C. (Wirral) Morris, O. T. (Cardiff, E.)
Burghley, Lord Grant-Ferris, R. Morris-Jones, Sir Henry
Burgin, Rt. Hon. E. L. Gretton, Col. Rt. Hon. J. Morrison, G. A. (Scottish Univ's.)
Burton, Col. H. W. Gridley, Sir A. B. Morrison, Rt. Hon. W. S. (Cirencester)
Butcher, H. W. Grigg, Sir E. W. M. Muirhead, Lt.-Col. A. J.
Butler, R. A. Grimston, R. V. Munro, P.
Caine, G. R. Hall- Guest, Hon. I. (Brecon and Radnor) Nall, Sir J.
Campbell, Sir E. T. Hannah, I. C. Neven-Spence, Major B. H. H.
Cortland, J. R. H. Harbord, A. Nloolson, Hon. H. G.
Carver, Major W. H. Harvey, T. E. (Eng. Univ's.) O'Connor, Sir Terence J.
Cary, R. A. Haslam, Henry (Horneastle) O'Neill, Rt. Hon. Sir Hugh
Cayzer, Sir C. W. (City of Chester) Haslam, Sir J. (Bolton) Palmer, G. E. H.
Cayzer, Sir H. R. (Portsmouth, S.) Heilgers, Captain F. F. A. Patrick, C. M.
Caralet, Thelma (Islington, E.) Hely-Hutchinson, M. R. Peat, C. U.
Gazalet, Capt. V. A. (Chippenham) Hepburn, P. G. T. Buchan- Perkins, W. R. D.
Chamberlain, Rt. Hn. N. (Edgbl'n) Hepworth, J. Peters, Dr. S. J.
Channon, H. Herbert, A. P. (Oxford U.) Petherick, M.
Chorlton, A. E. L. Herbert, Capt. Sir S. (Abbey) Pickthorn, K. W. M.
Churchill, Rt. Hon. Winston S. Higgs, W. F. Pilkington, R.
Clarke, Frank (Dartford) Hoare, Rt. Hon. Sir S. Plugge, Capt. L. F.
Clarke, Colonel F. S. (E. Grinstead) Holdsworth, H. Ponsonby, Col. C. E.
Clarry, Sir Reginald Holmes, J. S. Porritt, R. W.
Colman, N. C. D. Hopkinson, A. Power, Sir J. C.
Colville, Rt. Hon. John Hors-Belisha, Rt. Hon. L. Procter, Major H. A.
Conant, Captain R. J. E. Howitt, Dr. A. B. Radford, E. A.
Cooke, J. D. (Hammersmith, S.) Hume, Sir G. H. Raikes, H. V. A. M.
Cooper, Rt. Hn. A. Duff (W'st'r S. G'gs) Hunloke, H. P. Ramsay, Captain A. H. M.
Cranborne, Viscount Hunter, T. Rathbone, Eleanor (English Univ's.)
Croft, Brig.-Gen. Sir H. Page Hutchinson, G. C. Rathbone, J. R. (Bodmin)
Crookshank, Capt. H. F. C. lnskip, Rt. Hon. Sir T. W. H. Rawson, Sir Cooper
Croom-Johnson, R. P. James, Wing-Commander A. W. H. Reed, A. C. (Exeter)
Cross, R. H. Keeling, E. H. Reed, Sir H. S. (Aylesbury)
Crossley, A. C. Kerr, Colonel C. I. (Montrose) Reid, Sir D. D. (Down)
Reid, W. Allan (Derby) Sinclair, Col. T. (Queen's U. B'If'st) Turlon, R. H.
Remer, J. R. Smith, Bracewell (Dulwich) Wallace, Capt. Rt. Hon. Euan
Rickards, G. W. (Skipton) Smith, Sir Louis (Hallam) Ward, Lieut.-Col. Sir A. L. (Hull)
Ross Taylor, W. (Woodbridge) Smithers, Sir W. Ward, Irene M. B. (Wallsend)
Royds, Admiral Sir P. M. R. Somerset, T. Warrender, Sir V.
Ruggles-Brise, Colonel Sir E. A. Somervell, Rt. Hon. Sir Donald Waterhouse, Captain C.
Russell, Sir Alexander Somerville, A. A. (Windsor) Watt, Major G. S. Harvie
Russell, S. H. M. (Darwen) Southby, Commander Sir A. R. J. Wayland, Sir W. A
Salmon, Sir I. Stanley, Rt. Han. Lord (Fylde) Wedderburn, H. J. S.
Salt, E. W. Stanley, Rt. Hon. Oliver (W'm'I'd) Wells, Sir Sydney
Salter, Sir J. Arthur (Oxford U.) Stewart, J. Henderson (Fife, E.) Whiteley, Major J. P. (Buckingham)
Samuel, M. R. A. Stewart, William J. (Belfast, S.) Williams, C. (Torquay)
Sandeman, Sir N. S. Stourton, Major Hon. J. J. Williams, H. G. (Croydon, S.)
Sanderson, Sir F. B. Strauss, E. A. (Southwark, N.) Wilson, Lt.-Col. Sir A. T. (Hitchin)
Sandys, E. D. Strauss, H. G. (Norwich) Windsor-Clive, Lieut.-Colonel G.
Sassoon, Rt. Hon. Sir P. Stuart, Lord C. Crichton-(N'thw'h) Winterton, Rt. Hon. Earl
Scott, Lord William Stuart, Hon. J. (Moray and Nairn) Withers, Sir J. J.
Selley, H. R. Tacker, Sir R. I Wolmer, Rt. Hon. Viscount
Shakespeare, G. H. Tate, Mavis C. Womersley, Sir W. J.
Shaw, Major P. S. (Wavertree) Taylor, C. S. (Eastbourne) Wood, Hon. C. I. C.
Shaw, Captain W. T. (Forfar) Taylor, Vice-Adm. E. A. (Padd., S.) Wood, Rt. Hon. Sir Kingsley
Shepperson, Sir E. W. Thomson, Sir J. D. W. Wright, Wing-Commander J. A. C.
Shute, Colonel Sir J. J. Thorneycroft, G. E. P.
Simmonds, O. E. Touche, G. C. TELLERS FOR THE AYES.—
Simon, Rt. Hon. Sir J. A. Tufnell, Lieut.-Commander R. L. Captain Hope and Captain
Arland, R. T. D. (Barnstaple) Guest, Dr. L. H. (Islington, N.) Parkinson, J. A.
Adams, D. (Consett) Hall, G. H. (Aberdare) Pearson, A.
Adams, D. M. (Poplar, [...].) Hardie, Agnes Pethiok-Lawrenes, Rt. Hon. F. W.
Adamson, W. M. Harris, Sir P. A. Poole, C. C.
Alexander, Rt. Hon. A. V. (H'Isbr.) Hayday, A. Price, M. P.
Anderson, F. (Whitehaven) Henderson, A. (Kingswinford) Ridley, G.
Attlee, Rt. Hon. C. R. Henderson, T. (Tradeston) Riley, B.
Bonfield, J. W. Hills, A. (Pontefract) Ritson, J.
Barnes, A. J. Jenkins, A. (Pontypool) Roberts, W. (Cumberland, N.)
Batey, J. Jenkins, Sir W. (Neath) Rothschild, J. A. de
Bellonger F. J. John, W. Salter, Dr. A. (Bermondsey)
Benn, Rt. Hon. W. W. Jones, A. C. (Shipley) Sanders, W. S.
Benson G. Jones, J. J. (Silvertown) Seely, Sir H. M.
Bevan, A. Jones, Morgan (Caerphilly) Sexton, T. M.
Bromfield, W. Kelly, W. T. Short, A.
Brown, C. (Mansfield) Kennedy, Rt. Hon. T. Silkin, L.
Burke, W. A. Kirby, B. V. Silverman, S. S.
Cluse, W. S. Lunsbury, Rt. Hon. G. Simpson, F. B.
Clynes, Rt. Hon. J. R. Lawson, J. J. Sinclair, Rt. Hon. Sir A. (C'tnn's)
Cocks, F. S. Leach, W. Smith, Ben (Rotherhithe)
Collindridge, F. Leonard, W. Smith, E. (Stoke)
Cove, W. G. Leslie, J. R. Smith, Rt. Hon. H. B. Lees- (K'ly)
Daggar, G. Logan, D. G. Smith, T. (Normanton)
Dalton, H. Lunn, W. Stephen, C.
Davidson, J. J. (Maryhill) Macdonald, G. (Ince) Stewart, W. J. (H'ght'n-le-Sp'ng)
Davies, S. O. (Merthyr) McEntee, V. La T. Stokes, F. F.
Day, H. McGhee, H. G. Strauss, G. F. (Lambeth, N.)
Dabble, W. McGovern, J. Summerskill, Dr. Edith
Dunn, E. (Rother Valley) MacLaren, A. Taylor, F. J. (Morpeth)
Ede, J. C. Maclean, N. Thorne, W.
Edwards, A. (Middlesbrough E.) MacMillan, M. (Western Isles) Thurtle, E.
Edwards, Sir C. (Bedwetlty) MacNeill Weir, L. Tinker, J. J.
Evans, D. O. (Cardigan) Mender, G. le M. Tomlinson, G.
Fletcher, Lt.-Comdr. R. T. H. Marshall, F. Viant, S. P.
Foot, D. M. Mothers, G. Walkden, A. G.
Gallaoher, W. Maxton, J. Walker, J.
Gardner, B. W. Messer, F. Watson, W. McL.
George, Rt. Hon. D. Lloyd (Carn'v'n) Montague, F. Wedgwood, Rt. Hon. J. C.
George, Major G. Lloyd (Pembroke) Morrison, Rt. Hon. H. (Hackney, S.) Whiteley, W. (Blaydon)
George, Megan Lloyd (Anglesey) Morrison, R. C. (Tottenham, N.) Wilkinson, Ellen
Gibson, R. (Greenock) Muff, G. Williams, D. (Swansea, E.)
Green, W. H. (Deptford) Nathan, Colonel H. L. Williams, E. J. (Ogmore)
Greenwood, Rt. Hon. A. Noel-Baker, P. J. Williams, T. (Don Valley)
Grenfell, D. R. Oliver, G. H. Woods, G. S. (Finsbury)
Griffith, F. Kingsley (M'ddl'sbro, W.) Owen, Major G. Young, Sir R. (Newton)
Griffiths, G. A. (Hemsworth) Paling, W.
Griffiths, J. (Lianelly) Parker, J. TELLERS FOR THE NOES.—
Mr. Groves and Mr. Charlton.

Question put, and agreed to.