HC Deb 29 June 1938 vol 337 cc2039-41

9.32 p.m.

Colonel Ponsonby

I beg to move, in page 8, line 9, after the first "Board," to insert "or by the Pigs Marketing Board."

This matter was discussed in Committee and I will not keep the House very long. The point is that if a factory rationalisation scheme is not proceeding to the advantage o fthose engaged in the bacon industry the scheme may be revoked or amended, but such action will be taken on representations made to the Minister by the Development Board, or by the Bacon Marketing Board, or by the prescribed number of holders of producers' licences. The only parties who are left out are the Pigs Marketing Board, in fact the representatives of the pig producers. It is quite possible that the pig producers would like to make representations. Cases might arise, perhaps where a factory is wrongly located, where it would be an advantage to give the representatives of the pig producers the right to make complaints to the Minister, but under this Sub-section that is at present impossible. I know that the right hon. Gentleman might say that under Clause 30 (2) such representations could be made, but it is much better that, if such a complaint is to be made, the Pigs Marketing Board should be able to make it under this Sub-section.

Mr. Liddall

I beg to second the Amendment.

9.35 p.m.

Mr. W. S. Morrison

This Sub-section provides a special safeguard for consideration of a rationalisation scheme by those who are primarily affected by it. The persons primarily affected by the rationalisation scheme are, in the first place, the members of the bacon curing industry, whose livelihood is affected, and, in the second place, the Development Board, who are responsible for the general supervision of a rationalisation scheme. In the case of these two bodies, special powers are given by this Sub-section because they are so intimately affected and their fortunes are so closely wrapped up in it. The same considerations do not apply to the Pigs Marketing Board, and the position is that, by this Sub-section, the Minister is bound to refer the matter to the Committee of Investigation, and hound, on receiving an adverse report from that body, to amend or revoke the scheme. We think it is better to leave the Pigs Marketing Board with the resources which they have if the rationalisation scheme goes against them: namely, to invoke the ordinary Committee of Investigation procedure.

I would impress upon my hon. and gallant Friend that this question of rationalisation is a question which affects the curing industry to a very great degree. Its members are asked to do something very important from their own individual point of view and the point of view of the industry. It is not correct to say that everything which concerns the Bacon Marketing Board for their own industry affects equally the Pigs Marketing Board. In my view the Pigs Marketing Board are adequately safeguarded. I hope my hon. and gallant Friend will not persevere in this Amendment.

Amendment negatived.