HC Deb 05 July 1938 vol 338 cc168-9
25. Mr. David Adams

asked the Secretary for Mines how many accidents in coal mines in the Northumberland and Durham district during 1937, or the latest period for which figures are available, were due to derailments; what proportion these represented of total accidents, fatal and otherwise; and what measures he has in mind for curtailing this prolific cause of accidents?

The Secretary for Mines (Captain Crookshank)

Separate figures for accidents due to the derailment of tubs are not yet generally available, but the revised accident classification put into use at the beginning of this year requires a return to be made of all accidents due to this cause. As regards the last part of the question, His Majesty's inspectors have repeatedly emphasised that good haulage roads, well-laid tracks and rails of suitable section would contribute largely to a decrease in the number of derailments, and the Royal Commission has heard evidence as to how far it may be possible to enforce certain minimum standards in these respects.

Mr. Adams

If and when such figures are available, will they be submitted for the information of the House?

Captain Crookshank

I think they will appear in the ordinary course among the returns of accidents.

Mr. G. Griffiths

Will the hon. and gallant Gentleman consider the provision of iron instead of wooden sleepers in the pits?

32. Mr. T. Smith

asked the Secretary for Mines the number of persons killed and seriously injured in the mining industry during 1938, and the various causes of the accidents?

Number of Persons killed and seriously injured at mines under the Coal Mines Act during the six months ended 3oth June, 1938.
Cause Number killed. Number seriously injured.*
Under ground.
By falls of ground:
(a) At Working Face 157 588
(b) On Roads 49 116
Haulage Accidents 102 389
By Explosions 80 57
Miscellaneous 63 313
Total Underground 451 1,463
On Railways, Sidings and Tramways 14 50
Other Surface Accidents 23 75
Total on Surface 37 125
Total (Underground and Surface) 488 1,588
*i.e. Injuries which, because of their nature or severity are, under the terms of Section 80 of the Coal Mines Act, 1911, required to be reported to His Majesty's Divisional Inspectors at the time of their occurrence.