HC Deb 09 February 1938 vol 331 cc1051-2
58. Mr. Day

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether he will give particulars of any alterations in the budget of Kenya Colony in respect of education, medical, and public services, and the increase in expenditure on the Defence forces, for the 12 months ended to the last convenient date?

Mr. Ormsby-Gore

By "public services" the hon. Member, no doubt, has in mind those services which contribute particularly to the health and social welfare of the population. A variety of the services performed by Government in Kenya fall within this class, but taking only the four departments of education, medical services, agriculture and veterinary services, the provision for the current year shows an increase on last year of £28,966. The estimated increase for Defence is £20,926.

Mr. Day

Has there been any correspondence between Great Britain and Kenya on these alterations?

Mr. Ormsby-Gore

Yes, Sir.

65. Mr. Creech Jones

asked the Secretary of State for the Colonies whether he has considered the representations from Indians in respect to the proposed Order-in-Council confining the Kenya-European Highlands to Europeans; and whether he still proposes to prohibit the purchase of land by Indians in this area?

Mr. Ormsby-Gore

The views of the Indian community in Kenya have received consideration in connection with the proposal to issue an Order-in-Council defining the boundaries of the Kenya Highlands. I have decided that there can be no change in the administrative practice which has been followed for the past 30 years in regard to the acquisition of land in that area, but there is nothing in the draft Order-in-Council on this point.

Mr. Creech Jones

Will there not be administrative discrimination against the Indians and are not Indians considerably disturbed at the present moment in regard to this matter? Is it not a fact that, as far as derelict farms are concerned, Portuguese, Germans and Italians may purchase land, but that Indian subjects of the British Empire are prohibited from doing so?

Mr. Ormsby-Gore

Not in the Order-in-Council. That has been the practice of all Governments since the Liberal Government of 1906. It has been carried out by every successive Secretary of State, and I am going to make no alteration.

Mr. Benn

Has the right hon. Gentleman consulted the Government of India in this matter, and will he give proper weight to their opinion?

Mr. Ormsby-Gore

Yes, Sir, the Government of India have been kept fully informed, and they fully understand that no change in policy is to be adopted.

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