HC Deb 08 February 1938 vol 331 cc836-8
36. Sir Nicholas Grattan-Doyle

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he has made any suggestion to the British Broadcasting Corporation that their assistance should be given to his Department in its task of obtaining recruits for the Regular Army and of increasing enlistments in the Territorial Army; and, if so, with what result?

Mr. Hore-Belisha

The British Broadcasting Corporation has given repeated facilities for informing the public of activities in both the Regular and Territorial Armies, for which I would express gratitude.

39. Major-General Sir Alfred Knox

asked the Secretary of State for War the number of applicants for enlistment in the Regular Army, and the number of these men accepted in each month from January, 1937, till the latest available date?

Mr. Hore-Belisha

As the answer contains a number of figures, I will, with my hon. and gallant Friend's permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT.

Mr. Buchanan

Will it be possible, in circulating this information, to include also the Parliamentary divisions from which the recruits come?

Mr. Hore-Belisha

If the hon. Gentleman will put that question down, I will do my best to supply the information.

Following is the answer:

Months. Number of applicants for enlistment. Months. Number of recruits finally approved.
*Quarter ended 31st March, 1937 14,654 January, 1937 3,548 =7,116
February, 1937 1,917
March, 1937 1,651
*Quarter ended 30th June, 1937 11,663 April, 1937 2,197 =5,517
May, 1937 1,592
June, 1937 1,728
July, 1937 3,833 July, 1937 1,905
August, 1937 5,136 August, 1937 2,466
September, 1937 4,314 September, 1937 2,243
October, 1937 4,158 October, 1937 2,333
November, 1937 4,354 November, 1937 2,635
December, 1937 3,410 December, 1937 1,879
1st to 29th January, 1938 7,301 1st to 29th January, 1937 4,547
Totals 58,823 30,641
*Monthly figures of applicants for those two quarters are not available.

40. Sir A. Knox

asked the Secretary of State for War whether he will enumerate the steps taken since the month of January, 1937, to render service in the Regular Army more attractive?

Mr. Hore-Belisha

The information for which my hon. and gallant Friend asks is somewhat lengthy. I would refer him to columns 1901 to 1909 of Volume 321 of the OFFICIAL REPORT, and for further details I would ask him to await my Estimates for 1938.

Mr. Charles Brown

May I ask the right hon. Gentleman whether his own appointment to the War Office was not one of the steps taken to this end, and are the results satisfactory?

42. Mr. Day

asked the Secretary of State for War the number of persons recruited into the Army for the three months ended to the last convenient date; and what further steps are now suggested towards the problem of maintaining the strength of the Army?

Mr. Hore-Belisha

During the period 1st November, 1937, to 29th January, 1938, 9,061 recruits for the Regular Army were finally approved, being an increase of 32 per cent. on the figure for the corresponding period of the previous year. As regards the last part of the question, I trust the hon. Member will await the introduction of Army Estimates.

Mr. Day

Is the right hon. Gentleman considering issuing smarter uniforms?

Mr. Thorne

How many more men does the right hon. Gentleman want to bring the Army up to full strength?

Mr. Hore-Belisha

About 20,000.

Mr. Thorne

Is that all?