HC Deb 08 February 1938 vol 331 cc827-30
43. Sir Samuel Chapman

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland how many local authorities in Scotland have exercised powers under Sections 4 and 6, as explained in paragraph 5 in the memorandum on the powers of local authorities under the Physical Training and Recreation Act, 1937, issued as a White Paper in July last?

Mr. Elliot

I am informed that applications by two local authorities for grant under the Physical Training and Recreation Act towards the provision of community centres are at present before the Regional Committees, and that a number of other authorities have similar proposals under consideration. In addition, four out of five of the community centres which have recently been approved by the Department of Health under the Housing Acts will include provision for physical training and recreation.

44. Sir S. Chapman

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland whether it is the intention of the Scottish Advisory Council for Physical Training to issue a pamphlet for Scotland similar to that issued for England and Wales, which is entitled "National Fitness—the First Steps," giving particulars and details as those on pages 10, 22, 23, and 24 appropriate to Scotland?

Mr. Elliot

A survey throughout Scotland of the facilities available for physical training and recreation is at present being carried out, and immediately the necessary returns have been received the Council propose to issue separate "Guides to Fitness" for each of the five regions in Scotland, incorporating full particulars of all the facilities in every locality, and details such as those to which my hon. Friend refers. I am informed that the Scottish Advisory Council do not intend to issue a publication in a form similar to that of the pamphlet referred to.

Mr. Kirkwood

Can the Secretary of State for Scotland inform the House why they are not going to issue the same pamphlet as was issued in England?

Mr. Elliot

Because it is a separate country.

Mr. Kirkwood

I want to know why they are not issuing any instructions or guide in order to see whether the young men and women in Scotland are physically fit and adequately fed so as to be able to undertake this physical training?

Mr. Elliot

The hon. Member cannot have heard the terms of the answer. I said that we are issuing these pamphlets. We are issuing them in separate pamphlets applicable to the five regions in Scotland.

Mr. J. J. Davidson

Is the right hon. Gentleman aware that a majority of the Scottish people have already received these pamphlets in England and Wales?

62. Sir S. Chapman

asked the Secretary of State for Scotland whether the Grants Committee of the Scottish National Advisory Council for Physical Fitness has paid any grants to organisations concerned with physical fitness; if so, to which organisations; and what were the methods by which these organisations were selected?

Mr. Elliot

On the recommendation of the Scottish Grants Committee and after consultation with the Advisory Council, I have agreed to the payment of grants to four national organisations, namely:

The Scottish Athletic Federation.

The Scottish Association of Boys' Clubs.

The Scottish Association of Girls' Clubs.

The Scottish National Council of Young Men's Christian Associations.

Applications from 10 other national organisations are at present under consideration by the Grants Committee. In addition, over 100 applications for grant and more than 50 inquiries have been submitted by local authorities and local voluntary organisations. These applications are being considered by the regional committees which have been appointed under the Act to co-ordinate facilities in their area and to encourage the promotion of schemes. Each application for a giant is considered on its merits in relation to the objects and aims of the Fitness Campaign.

Mr. Kirkwood

Can the right hon. Gentleman tell the House what they have got to show in Scotland for the efforts which have been made up to date by these committees and the money which has been spent since the month of July?

Mr. Elliot

Perhaps the hon. Member will put that question on the Paper.

Mr. Davidson

Can the right hon. Gentleman say approximately how many individuals are affected in those organisations by those grants?

Mr. Elliot

Not without notice.