HC Deb 08 December 1938 vol 342 cc1331-2
1. Mr. Gallacher

asked the Minister of Labour whether he has information of the number of men transferred from Scotland and the county of Fife, respectively, to places in London and the Home Counties under labour transference schemes who are at present without employment; and whether funds are available for repatriating those who stand no chance of obtaining employment within a reasonable space of time?

The Minister of Labour (Mr. Ernest Brown)

I regret that these statistics are not available. I would point out that persons who transfer under the industrial transference scheme and fail to settle down within a reasonable time are given a grant of their fare home. Subsequently, however, they do not remain entitled to these exceptional facilities and are treated in the same way as other residents in the area in which they live.

Mr. Gallacher

Is the Minister aware that there are a number of transferees from Scotland—and there are some from Fife—who are wandering about London and the Home Counties, who have no means of getting the necessary funds to travel home and have no knowledge of where they can get funds? Will the Minister make it clear where they can be obtained?

Mr. Brown

I find it difficult to believe what the hon. Member says, because every unemployed man knows that if he goes to the nearest employment exchange he can get advice at once.

Mr. Mathers

Has it been the experience of the Minister that these facilities are much taken advantage of?

Mr. Brown

It differs from time to time. It depends, of course, on the state of the trade cycle, but, on the whole, we do not get a large number. They are well known and have been known for years.

Mr. Gallacher

Do I understand that an unemployed man who has been transferred can by right go to an employment exchange and get his fare home?

Mr. Brown

No, the hon. Member must not understand that. If a man goes within a reasonable time, say, 12 months, and has got a regular job, he will be entitled to it, but if he is transferred and settles in a neighbourhood, especially if he transfers his whole household, he naturally shares the experience of those in the locality.

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