HC Deb 01 December 1938 vol 342 cc564-5
5. Mr. Gallacher

asked the Minister of Labour whether it is proposed to authorise universal payment of extra sums to, persons in receipt of Unemployment Assistance Board pay during the winter months?

Mr. E. Brown

No, Sir. I would refer the hon. Member to the Board's instruction on the subject, a copy of which has already been placed in the library.

Mr. Gallacher

Is the right hon. Gentleman not aware that none of the recipients of allowances can get more than is necessary for the barest maintenance, and that it is agreed that there is need and hunger? Would it not be desirable to alter that?

Mr. Brown

I cannot debate that question. It has been often debated. I have answered the question on the Order Paper.

10. Mr. S. O. Davies

asked the Minister of Labour whether, in connection with the Unemployment Assistance (Winter Adjustments) Regulations, 1938, fresh instructions, on the lines of those issued in the Circular dated 22nd October, 1937, have been issued to area officers of the Unemployment Assistance Board; if so, will he indicate in what way the two instructions differ; and whether any restriction is intended as compared with the 1937 Circular?

Mr. Brown

A copy of the instruction issued on 12th October, 1938, by the Board in connection with the Winter Adjustments Regulations has been placed in the library. Such differences as there are in the wording of the instructions arise mainly from the fact that the 1938 instruction is based on a regulation which had not been made when the 1937 instruction was issued. As regards the last part of the question, I am assured that the information so far available indicates that the percentage of cases in which winter additions have been granted is in excess of that of last year.

14. Mr. Gallacher

asked the Minister of Labour whether he is aware that Mr. R. W. F. Redding, of 6, Whippendale Road, Watford, had 1s. deducted from his Unemployment Assistance Board payment on 18th November, and was informed by the Unemployment Assistance Board officer that the deduction was made because the man had been seen selling the "Daily Worker" outside the Exchange; under what regulation this deduction was imposed; and will he take steps to see that there is no repetition of stoppages for such causes?

Mr. Brown

I am informed by the Board that there is no foundation for the allegation made in the hon. Member's question. The facts are that Mr. Redding has for some time past worked on Saturdays as a gardener, and the deduction of is, made from his allowance is in respect of his earnings in that capacity.