HC Deb 07 April 1938 vol 334 cc653-5

9.26 p.m.

Mr. W. S. Morrison

I beg to move, in page 50, line 17, to leave out from "shall," to "have," in line 19, and to insert: subject to the provisions of the next following Sub-section. This is a phrase introductory to a series of Amendments designed to simplify and improve the working of the Clause. The Clause as at present drafted provides that the number of fishery members on each Local Sea Fisheries Committee, instead of being required as heretofore to be at least as great as the number of members of the county or borough council, shall in future not exceed that number. It is now proposed that the number of additional members to be appointed should be left in the discretion of the Minister except that there must be one member representing each fishery board exercising sea fishery powers. Also, in order to provide a uniform term of office for all members of the local fishery committees, it is proposed that the normal term should be three years, which approximately corresponds with the life of the normal county council. The last Amendment deals with the date. We have fixed 1st April, 1940, for these provisions to take effect. That leaves a sufficient period after the election of the council for the necessary nominations.

Amendment agreed to.

Further Amendments made:

In page 50, line 32, after "proportions," insert "as may be so determined."

In line 33, leave out from "members," to end of line 5, page 51, and insert: not exceeding the number of members required to be appointed by the council or constituent councils, as may be appointed in accordance with the following provisions of this Section. The additional members of such a committee shall include one person appointed by each fishery board having jurisdiction within the district of the committee, and as to the rest shall be persons appointed by the Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries as being persons acquainted with the needs and opinions of the fishing interests of that district.

In page 51, leave out lines 6 to 21, and insert: (2) In relation to any local fisheries committee constituted by an order made before the commencement of this Act, the preceding Sub-section shall not take effect until the first day of April, nineteen hundred and forty. (3).

In line 22, leave out "eighth day of March," and insert "first day of April."

In line 23, leave out "additional."

In line 26, leave out "additional."

In line 28, leave out "an additional," and insert "a."

In line 29, leave out "at," and insert "not later than."

In line 32, leave out "eighth day of March," and insert "first day of April."

In line 34, at end, insert: (4) At the beginning of the first day of April, nineteen hundred and forty, so much of any order made before the commencement of this Act as relates to the additional members of a local fisheries committee or to the term of office of the members of such a committee shall cease to have effect. (5) Sub-section (3) of Section one of the principal Act shall have effect as if in that Sub-section after the word 'subject' there were inserted the words 'to the provisions of the last preceding Sub-section and of Section fifty-two of the Sea Fish Industry Act, 1938, and to.'".— [Mr. W. S. Morrison.]