HC Deb 05 May 1937 vol 323 cc1137-8
4. Sir John Mellor

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he is now in a position to make a further statement with regard to the position and prospects of the British officers and constables of the Egyptian police whose services have been, or shortly will be, terminated in consequence of the provisions of the Anglo-Egyptian Treaty?

Mr. Eden

Yes, Sir. My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for Air has agreed to put 20 of the constables through a short course of training in order to see for what posts they would be suitable. Six of the Maltese constables have been offered employment at His Majesty's dockyard at Malta and two have been offered posts in the Malta police. One constable has obtained employment and another is under consideration for employment with the Automobile Association as patrols, and it is hoped that similar employment may be found not only with this Association, but with the Royal Automobile Club for other constables. According to the latest information in my possession, out of a total of II British officers and 77 constables leaving this year, three British officers and 29 constables have secured fresh employment, while one officer and 34 constables have prospects or are considering offers of employment.

Sir J. Mellor

While thanking the right hon. Gentleman for his reply, may I ask if he appreciates that the remainder will find themselves in a very difficult position at the end of this month in not knowing whether to come home in search of employment or to remain in Egypt, and will he continue to impress on the Secretary of State for the Colonies the fact that these men have a knowledge of Arabic and great experience of civil disturbances and, therefore, are ideally suitable for service in Palestine?

Mr. Eden

I am conscious of the importance of finding employment for these men and we have worked very hard at it. It is not unsatisfactory that we have succeeded in placing 60 out of 70.

Mr. Gallacher

Will the Foreign Secretary be good enough to impress on the Minister of Agriculture the necessity to take the same steps in regard to people who are put out of work by the Livestock Industry Bill?

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