HC Deb 23 March 1937 vol 321 cc2746-7
48. Mr. Johnston

asked the Chancellor of the Exchequer whether he is aware that the sum voted in the year 1936 to the National Library of Scotland was £3,198, and to the National Library of Wales £17,000; and whether he can indicate the reasons for this disparity?

The Financial Secretary to the Treasury (Lieut.-Colonel Colville)

£3,198 is merely the net provision on the Vote for 1936 for the National Library, Scotland, and excludes the provision made on other Votes in connection with that Library. As is stated on the first page of the Estimate for 1936 for the Library, the total expenditure in connection with this service is estimated at £15,077. The total charge on public funds is reduced by the income from the Endowment Fund of the Library, estimated at £5,017, which is appropriated in aid of the Vote. The difference between the expenditures of the two Libraries is thus materially less than is suggested by the right hon. Gentleman. Moreover, their position and activities are not identical, and for this reason the amounts of their expenditure are not strictly comparable.

Mr. Hardie

Are the buildings the same? Do the Welsh people pay more for their buildings than the Scottish people pay?

Lieut.-Colonel Colville

The position is not comparable in a number of respects. I do not think I can explain it within the compass of a question and answer, but I shall be very glad to let the hon. Member know if he cares to come and see me.

Mr. Johnston

Is the Endowment Fund from which assistance is given in Edin burgh, State-provided?

Lieut.-Colonel Colville

I think not, but I should like notice of that question.

Mr. Johnston

Does the Financial Secretary say that something like £3,000 is provided from State funds in Scotland, as against the Welsh figure of £17,000?

Lieut.-Colonel Colville

I do not think the right hon. Gentleman heard me correctly. I said that the total expenditure on the Scottish Library was approximately £15,000, and the Endowment Fund £5,000.

Mr. Pritt

Do the Welsh people require more education?

Mr. J. Griffiths

Does it not depend upon the way in which it is used?

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