HC Deb 22 June 1937 vol 325 cc990-1
3. Mr. Kelly

asked the President of the Board of Trade the names of British firms who, in the last two years, ordered ships to be constructed in Germany?

Mr. Stanley

There are no official statistics of orders placed by British firms for the construction of ships in Germany, but I will, with the hon. Member's permission, circulate a table in the OFFICIAL REPORT showing the registered owners of the steam and motor ships of 100 tons gross and over recently built in Germany which are shown in the returns of the Registrar-General of Shipping and Seamen as having been registered in the United Kingdom since March, 1935.

Mr. Kelly

May I ask to what date the figures go? Do they include the construction for the last two years?

Mr. Stanley

We have no figures of construction. All we can give are those of vessels which have been registered.

Following is the table:

Month when registered Vessel. When built. Gross tonnage. Owners in whose name registered.
February S.S. "Ethiopian" 1936 5,424 United Africa Co., Ltd., London.
February S.S. "Nigerian" 1936 5,423
March S.S. "Guinean" 1936 5,205
April S.S. "Leonian" 1936 5,424
April S.S. "Liberian" 1936 5,205
April M.V. "Narragansett 1936 10,389 British Mexican Petroleum Co., Ltd., London.
April M.V. "Seminole" 1936 10,389
July S.S. "Northern Gem" (fishing vessel). 1936 655 Mac Line, Ltd., London.
July S.S. "Northern Pride" (fishing vessel). 1936 655
August S.S. "Terje 1" Whalers. 1936 335 United Whalers, Ltd., London.
August S.S. "Terje 2" 1936 335
August S.S. "Terje 3" 1936 335
August S.S. "Terje 4" 1936 335
August S.S. "Terje 5" 1936 335
August S.S. "Terje 6" 1936 335
August S.S. "Terje 7" 1936 335
August S.S. "Terje 8" 1936 335
August S.S. "Terje 9" 1936 335
August S.S. "Terje Viken" 1936 20,638
September S.S. "Northern Wave" (fishing vessel). 1936 655 Mac Line, Ltd., London.
September S.S. "Northern Dawn" (fishing vessel). 1936 655
September M.V. "Congonian" 1936 4,929 United Africa Co., Ltd., London.
November S.S. "Northern Foam" (fishing vessels). 1936 655 Mac Line, Ltd., London.
November S.S. "Northern Rover" 1936 655
November S.S. "Northern Sky" 1936 655
November S.S. "Northern Spray" 1936 655
November S.S. "Northern Sun" 1936 655
November M.V. "Taron" 1936 8,054 Sarawak Oilfields, Ltd., Sarawak.
November M.V. "Tornus" 1936 8,054
November S.S. "Northern Chief" (fishing vessel). 1936 655 Mac Line, Ltd., London.
December S.S. "Northern Duke" (fishing vessel). 1936 655
December M.V. "Cornelia S." 1936 977 Franto Petroleum and Shipping Co., Ltd., London.
December S.S. "Northern Gift" (fishing vessel). 1936 655 Mac Line, Ltd., London.
December S.S. "Northern Reward" (fishing vessel). 1936 655
January S.S. "Northern Princess" (fishing vessel). 1936 655
January S.S. "Northern Isles" (fishing vessel). 1936 655
April M.V. "Henry Dundas" 1937 10,448 Oriental Tankers, Ltd., Hong Kong.
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