HC Deb 01 June 1937 vol 324 cc853-5
42. Mr. Kelly

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Air whether he will take steps to see that the interests of the Tollerton Aero Club and the Nottingham Flying Club are not injured by any order which he may make?

The Under-Secretary of State for Air (Lieut.-Colonel Muirhead)

Notice has recently been given of the intention to hold a public inquiry in regard to the Nottingham (Tollerton) Compulsory Purchase Order in accordance with paragraph 4 of the First Schedule to the Air Navigation Act, 1936. It will be open to any interested parties to attend this inquiry and submit evidence concerning their objections to the order.

Mr. Kelly

Has any date been fixed for the public inquiry?

Lieut.-Colonel Muirhead

I cannot give the hon. Member the date.

43. Mr. Kelly

asked the Under-Secretary of State for Air whether he is aware that provisional arrangements were made with Marshall's Flying School for the establishment of a reserve training school at Tollerton without the consent or knowledge of the Nottingham Airport, Limited, who are the lessees; and whether this is the method generally adopted when establishing reserve training schools?

Lieut.-Colonel Muirhead

Marshall's Flying School were approached in connection with the formation of a Volunteer Reserve training centre at Tollerton on the understanding that it would be possible to arrange for a lease of the necessary flying rights at the aerodrome and to erect the usual buildings. Subsequently the Nottingham Corporation made a compulsory purchase order, not yet confirmed, for the acquisition of the lease of flying rights at the aerodrome which Nottingham Airport, Limited, hold, and in view of this development the negotiations with Marshall's Flying School ceased and the question of the establishment of a school at Tollerton is in abeyance. As regards the second part of the question, the method adopted by the Department in establishing training schools depends on the circumstances of each case.

Mr. Kelly

Why was it that the local people who were already well established there for training purposes were not asked to tender for the establishment of this flying school? Why was it that another school from a distance was brought in for that purpose, to the disadvantage of the local people?

Lieut.-Colonel Muirhead

Not until the negotiations started for taking over the ground from the Nottingham Corporation was it discovered that the Nottingham airport were the lessees. Actually, the people who are to be asked to establish a training school must depend on whom the Secretary of State thinks are fit and proper persons.

58. Mr. Kelly

asked the Minister of Health the price paid by the Nottingham City Council for the land adjoining the aerodrome at Tollerton; and what was the rateable value of this land at the time of purchase?

The Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministry of Health (Mr. Bernays)

The price was £14,157 for 322 acres. As the land was agricultural, it had no rateable value.

Mr. Kelly

Can the hon. Member say when this transaction took place and when approval was given by the Minister?

Mr. Bernays

I understand that the price was recommended by the district valuer, and that my right hon. Friend gave his decision on 14th April.

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