HC Deb 25 February 1937 vol 320 c2178
60. Mr. Paling

asked the Minister of Health whether he is aware that the grant of £100 made to Mr. E. J. Mann under the Rural Workers Housing Act by the Depwade Rural District Council was for a cottage which was demolished rather than reconditioned; and whether work on the cottage was actually begun before the application for grant was made?

Sir K. Wood

I have made some inquiries into this matter and I understand that, although the outbuildings to the cottage had been demolished before application for the grant was made, no work had then been done on the cottage itself. The grant was authorised on the basis of plans and specifications submitted in the ordinary course for the reconstruction of the cottage, but when the work was commenced it was found that the structure was so perished as to make reconditioning impracticable. In these circumstances the owner withdrew his application for grant.

Mr. Paling

Is it not rather unusual to give a grant before application is made, and, secondly, is it not necessary to submit plans and specifications before a grant is made. May I ask whether due attention was given to such specifications and plans in view of the fact that when the house came to be examined it was found to be fit only to be demolished?

Sir K. Wood

I do not think the case is unusual.