HC Deb 23 February 1937 vol 320 cc1804-5
8. Mr. George Hall

asked the Secretary for Mines whether he has any information enabling him to state the amount of liquid fuel, with separate figures for light motor fuel and fuel oil, respectively, now produced in Germany from indigenous mineral resources; and what proportions this production represents of the total consumption of these fuels in Germany?

Captain Crookshank

Official figures of the production of liquid fuels in Germany are not available. I will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT a statement showing the import of certain petroleum products into Germany during the years 1934–36, from which the hon. Member will see that the importation of petroleum products into Germany is increasing.

Mr. Hall

Has not the Mines Department any information as to the production of oil from coal in Germany?

Captain Crookshank

We have no official figures.

Mr. Hall

Will the hon. and gallant Gentleman endeavour to get the information?

Captain Crookshank

To the best of my knowledge the figures are not available. The hon. Member must remember that in totalitarian States statistics are not given with the same freedom as in other States.

Mr. Hall

But is the hon. and gallant Gentleman not aware that this information can be obtained from private sources, and surely what is available from private sources ought to be available for a Government Department?

Mr. James Griffiths

Is the Minister not aware that at any rate the progress in Germany in the production of oil from coal far exceeds that in this country, and ought not that to be considered?

Mr. Hardie

Is the hon. and gallant Member not aware that figures were contained in the "Petroleum Times" of 19th January?

Following is the statement:

Import of certain petroleum products into Germany:

Product. 1934. 1935. 1936.
Metric tons. Metric tons. Metric tons.
Crude Oil 276,717 515,298 578,865
Benzine (Petrol). 1,158,385 1,224,344 1,324,652
Kerosene 98,261 75,287 63,609
Gas Oil 630,916 882,993 1,081,326
Fuel Oil 316,180 326,316 379,402
Total 2,489,459 3,024,238 3,427,854