HC Deb 29 April 1937 vol 323 cc539-43
Mr. Greenwood

May I ask the Prime Minister what business it is proposed to take in the event of the Eleven o'Clock Rule being suspended, and what will be the business of the House next week?

The Prime Minister

We are suspending the Eleven o'Clock Rule in the hope that we may be able to complete the Committee stage of the Ministers of the Crown Bill. We do not propose to ask the House to sit late. The Bill has taken rather longer than, we expected. The business for next week will be:

Monday and Tuesday: —Livestock Industry Bill, Report and Third Reading.

Wednesday:—The business will be announced later.

Thursday: —As already announced, the House will meet at 11 o'clock in the morning, and Questions will be taken until 12 o'clock. Afterwards we shall take the Widows', Orphans' and Old Age Contributory Pensions (Voluntary Contributors) Bill, Report and Third Reading, followed by the Motion for the Adjournment of the House until Monday, 24th May. It is anticipated that the Motion for the Adjournment will be made not later than 3 o'clock, and Mr. Speaker will be empowered to adjourn the House at 7 o'clock.

Mr. Buchanan

Last week when the Prime Minister announced business he stated that the business for yesterday would be the Livestock Industry Bill and that the business for to-day would be the Bill relating to the salaries of Ministers. Subsequently, that business was altered, and the Bill dealing with Ministers' salaries was taken yesterday and the Livestock Industry Bill was fixed for to-day. Last night, about midnight, when we were in Committee, the Government announced that they were proposing to take the Ministers of the Crown Bill to-day. It has been an age-long custom in this House for business to be announced to suit the convenience of all concerned, and for any change of business to be announced in the House. I

want to ask, Mr. Speaker, whether you or the House have any protection against the programme of business being altered at 12 midnight without any reason being given as to its urgency. Is it not within your province to see that business is announced in a proper way to suit the convenience of Members of the House?

Mr. Speaker

The hon. Member asks me a question in regard to business. I am sure he must realise that I have no power in regard to the arrangement of business. It has nothing to do with me. It is entirely a matter for the Government. As regards the way that business is taken, I think the hon. Member will find that it is as a rule arranged through the usual channels.

Mr. Buchanan

Yes, but is it not a fact, generally speaking, that when any change of business has to be announced it is announced in the House at a proper time and in a way which enables the alteration to be discussed, and not announced at midnight? Have you no powers to stop this almost indecent haste on the part of Ministers to rush this Bill through the House willy-nilly?

Mr. Speaker

That question is entirely out of my hands, and I have no power to deal with it.

Mr. Leach

Has the Prime Minister any willingness to help forward the Marriage Bill which is so urgently requested by a large majority of this House?

The Prime Minister

I have had no notice of that question, and certainly I am not in a position to-day to make any reply.

Mr. Logan

Has the Prime Minister any means of providing that that Bill is not further iscussed?

Motion made, and Question put, That the Proceedings on Government Business be exempted, at this day's Sitting, from the provisions of the Standing Order (Sittings of the House)."—[The Prime Minister.]

The House divided: Ayes, 213; Noes, 119.

Division No. 173.] AYES. [3.50 p.m.
Adams, S. V. T. (Leeds, W.) Assheton, R. Barrie, Sir C. C.
Albery, Sir Irving Astor, Viscountess (Plymouth, Sutton) Beamish, Rear-Admiral T P. H.
Allen, Lt.-Col. J. Sandeman (B'kn'hd) Baldwin, Rt. Hon. Stanley Beaumont, Hon. R. E. B. (Portsm'h)
Anderson, Sir A. Garrett (C. of Ldn.) Balfour, Capt. H. H. (Isle of Thanet) Beit, Sir A. L.
Anstruther-Gray, W. J. Balniel, Lord Bennett, Sir E. N.
Apsley, Lord Barclay-Harvey, Sir C. M. Birchall, Sir J. D.
Boulton, W. W. Guest, Hon. I. (Brecon and Radnor) Rathbone, J. R. (Bodmin)
Bowyer, Capt. Sir G. E. W. Guinness, T. L. E. B. Reed, A. C. (Exeter)
Boyce, H. Leslie Gunston, Capt. D. W. Reid, Sir D. D. (Down)
Brass, Sir W. Hacking, Rt. Hon. D. H. Reid, W. Allan (Derby)
Brown, Col. D. C. (Hexham) Hamilton, Sir G. C. Rickards, G. W. (Skipton)
Brown, Rt. Hon. E. (Leith) Hanbury, Sir C. Robinson, J. R. (Blackpool)
Bull, B. B. Harbord, A. Ropner, Colonel L.
Bullock, Capt. M. Hartington, Marquess of Ross, Major Sir R. D. (Londonderry)
Burgin, Dr. E. L. Harvey, Sir G. Ross Taylor, W. (Woodbridge)
Burton, Col. H. W. Harvey, T. E. (Eng. Univ's.) Rowlands, G.
Butler, R. A. Haslam, H. C. (Horncastle) Russell, A. West (Tynemouth)
Campbell, Sir E. T. Herbert, Major J. A. (Monmouth) Russell, S. H. M. (Darwen)
Cartland, J. R. H. Herbert, Capt. Sir S. (Abbey) Salt, E. W.
Carver, Major W. H. Hills, Major Rt. Hon. J. W. (Ripon) Samuel, M. R. A.
Cayzer, Sir H. R. (Portsmouth, S.) Hoare, Rt. Hon. Sir S. Sandeman, Sir N. S.
Cazalet, Thelma (Islington, E.) Hope, Captain Hon. A. O. J. Sanderson, Sir F. B.
Chamberlain, Rt. Hn. N. (Edgb't'n) Hudson, Capt. A. U. M. (Hack., N.) Sassoon, Rt. Hon. Sir P.
Channon, H. Hulbert, N. J. Savery, Sir Servington
Chorlton, A. E. L. Hume, Sir G. H. Shaw, Major P. S. (Wavertree)
Clydesdale, Marquess of Hurd, Sir P. A. Shepperson, Sir E. W.
Cobb, Captain E. C. (Preston) Keyes, Admiral of the Fleet Sir R. Simon, Rt. Hon. Sir J. A.
Colville, Lt.-Col. Rt. Hon. D. J. Knox, Major-General Sir A. W. F. Smiles, Lieut.-Colonel Sir W. D,
Cook, Sir T. R. A. M. (Norfolk, N.) Lamb, Sir J. Q. Smith, Sir R. W. (Aberdeen)
Cooke, J. D. (Hammersmith, S.) Lambert, Rt. Hon. G. Somervell. Sir D. B. (Crewe)
Cooper, Rt. Hn. A. Duff (W'st'r S. G'gs) Latham, Sir P. Southby, Commander A. R. J.
Courthope, Col. Sir G. L. Leckie, J. A. Spears, Brigadier-General E. L.
Cranborne, Viscount Leigh, Sir J. Stanley, Rt. Hon. Lord (Fylde)
Craven-Ellis, W. Leighton, Major B. E. P. Stanley, Rt. Hon. Oliver (W'm'I'd)
Croft, Brig.-Gen. Sir H. Page Lewis, O. Stewart, J. Henderson (Fife, E.)
Crooke, J. S. Liddall, W. S. Storey, S.
croom-Johnson, R. P. Llewellin, Lieut.-Col. J. J. Stourton, Major Hon. J. J.
Crossley, A. C. Lloyd, G. W. Strauss, H. G. (Norwich)
Crowder, J. F. E. Locker-Lampson, Comdr. O. S. Strickland, Captain W. F.
Cruddas, Col. B. MacAndrew, Colonel Sir C. G. Stuart, Lord C. Crichton- (N'thw'h)
Culverwell, C. T. M'Connell, Sir J. Stuart, Hon. J. (Moray and Nairn)
Davies, Major Sir G. F. (Yeovil) McCorquodale, M. S. Sueter, Rear-Admiral Sir M. F.
Davison, Sir W. H. MacDonald, Rt. Hon. J. R. (Scot. U.)
De la Bère, R. Macdonald, Capt. P. (Isle of Wight) Sutcliffe, H.
Denman, Hon. R. D. McEwen, Capt. J. H. F. Tasker, Sir R. I.
Denville, Alfred McKie, J. H. Taylor, Vice-Adm. E. A. (Padd., S.)
Despencer-Robertson, Major J. A. F. Magnay, T. Thomas, J. P. L.
Doland, G. F. Makins, Brig.-Gen. E. Thomson, Sir J. D. W.
Donner, P. W. Manningham-Buller, Sir M. Touche, G. C.
Dower, Capt. A. V. G. Margesson, Capt. Rt. Hon. H. D. R. Train, Sir J.
Drewe, C. Markham, S. F. Tree, A. R. L. F.
Duckworth, Arthur (Shrewsbury) Mayhew, Lt.-Col. J. Tufnell, Lieut.-Commander R. L.
Duckworth, W. R. (Moss Side) Meller, Sir R. J. (Mitcham) Turton, R. H.
Dugdale, Major T. L. Mitchell, Sir W. Lane (Streatham) Wakefield, W. W.
Duggan, H. J. Moreing, A. C. Walker-Smith, Sir J.
Dunglass, Lord Morgan, R. H. Wardlaw-Milne, Sir J. S.
Elliston, Capt. G. S Morris, O. T. (Cardiff, E.) Warrender, Sir V.
Elmley, Viscount Morris-Jones, Sir Henry Waterhouse, Captain C.
Emmott, C. E. G. C. Morrison, G. A. (Scottish Univ's.) Watt, G. S. H.
Emrys-Evans, P. V. Morrison, Rt. Hon. W. S. (Cirencester) Wedderburn, H. J. S.
Evans, Capt. A. (Cardiff, S.) Nicholson, G. (Farnham) Wells, S. R.
Findlay, Sir E. Nicolson, Hon. H. G. Williams, C. (Torquay)
Fox, Sir G. W. G. Palmer, G. E. H. Williams, H. G. (Croydon, S.)
Ganzoni, Sir J. Patrick, C. M. Wilson, Lt.-Col. Sir A. T. (Hitchin)
Gilmour, Lt.-Col. Rt. Hon. Sir J. Perkins, W. R. D. Womersley, Sir W. J.
Goldie, N. B. Petherick, M. Wood, Rt. Hon. Sir Kingsley
Goodman, Col. A. W. Pickthorn, K. W. M. Wright, Squadron-Leader J. A. C.
Gower, Sir R. V. Pilkington, R. Young, A. S. L. (Partick)
Graham, Captain A. C. (Wirral) Porritt, R. W.
Granville E. L. Pownall, Lt.-Col. Sir Assheton TELLERS FOR THE AYES.—
Gridley, Sir A. B. Radford, E. A. Sir George Penny and Lieut.-
Grigg, Sir E. W. M. Raikes, H. V. A. M. Colonel Sir A. Lambert Ward.
Grimston, R. V. Ramsbotham, H.
Acland, Rt. Hon. Sir F. Dyke Cassells, T. Fletcher, Lt.-Comdr. R. T. H.
Acland, R. T. D. (Barnstaple) Charleton, H. C. Gallacher, W.
Adams, D. (Consett) Chater, D. Gardner, B. W.
Adams, D. M. (Poplar, S.) Cluse, W. S. Garro Jones, G. M.
Adamson, W. M. Cove, W. G. George, Major G. Lloyd (Pembroke)
Alexander, Rt. Hon. A. V. (H'lsbr.) Daggar, G. George, Megan Lloyd (Anglesey)
Ammon, C. G. Dalton, H. Gibson, R. (Greenock)
Banfield, J. W. Davidson, J. J. (Maryhill) Graham, D. M. (Hamilton)
Barr, J. Davies, R. J. (Westhoughton) Green, W. H. (Deptford)
Batey, J. Davies, S. O. (Merthyr) Greenwood, Rt. Hon. A.
Bellenger, F. J. Day, H. Grenfell, D. R.
Benn, Rt. Hon. W. W. Dunn, E. (Rother Valley) Griffith, F. Kingsley (M'ddl'sbro, W.)
Brown, C. (Mansfield) Ede, J. C. Griffiths, G. A. (Hemsworth)
Buchanan, G. Edwards, Sir C. (Bedwellty) Griffiths, J. (Llanelly)
Burke, W. A. Evans, D. O. (Cardigan) Hall, G. H. (Aberdare)
Hall, J. H. (Whitechapel) MacNeill, Weir, L. Smith, Ben (Rotherhithe)
Hardie, G. D. Mander, G. la M. Smith, E. (Stoke)
Harris, Sir P. A. Mathers, G. Smith, Rt. Hon. H. B. Lees- (K'ly)
Henderson, A. (Kingswinford) Maxton, J. Smith, T. (Normanton)
Henderson, J. (Ardwick) Montague, F. Sorensen, R. W.
Henderson, T. (Tradeston) Morrison, R. C. (Tottenham, N.) Stephen, C.
Hollins, A. Muff, G. Stewart, W. J. (H'ght'n-le-Sp'ng)
Hopkin, D. Naylor, T. E. Strauss, G. R. (Lambeth, N.)
Jenkins, A. (Pontypool) Oliver, G. H. Taylor, R. J. (Morpeth)
Jones, A. C. (Shipley) Paling, W. Thorne, W.
Jones, Morgan (Caerphilly) Parker, J. Thurtle, E.
Kelly, W. T. Parkinson, J, A. Tinker, J. J.
Kennedy, Rt. Hon. T. Pethick-Lawrence, F. W. Viant, S. P.
Kirby, B. V. Potts, J. Walker, J.
Lathan, G. Pritt, D. N. Watkins, F. C.
Leach, W. Ridley, G. Welsh, J. C.
Leonard, W. Ritson, J. White, H. Graham
Leslie, J. R. Roberts, W. (Cumberland, N.) Williams, E. J. (Ogmore)
Logan, D. G. Rowson, G. Williams, T. (Don Valley)
Lunn, W. Salter, Dr. A. (Bermondsey) Wilson, C. H. (Attercliffe)
Macdonald, G. (Ince) Sanders, W. S. Windsor, W. (Hull, C.)
McGhee, H. G. Sexton. T. M. Young, Sir R. (Newton)
McGovern, J. Shinwell, E.
MacLaren, A. Short, A. TELLERS FOR THE NOES.—
Maclean, N. Simpson, F. B. Mr. Whiteley and Mr. Groves.
MacMillan, M. (Western Isles) Sinclair, Rt. Hon. Sir A. (C'thn's)

Question, "That the Clause stand part of the Bill," put, and agreed to.

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