HC Deb 20 April 1937 vol 322 c1604

I come now to Expenditure. I have already stated that the Fixed Debt Charge of £224,000,000 provided a not inconsiderable sum for the reduction of debt, but the remaining figures strikingly demonstrate the effect which the defence programme is having upon our national expenditure. Thus, the Civil Votes showed a saving on the original estimates, including the advance estimates for Supplementaries, of £3,188,000, but that was more than wiped out by the £7,821,000 which was the excess of the Defence Votes over the provision for the Defence Services. The total Defence issues were £186,072,000, or nearly £50,000,000 more than was spent in the year 1935–36, and that figure will perhaps give the Committee an idea of the amount which, if the circumstances of the world had been happier, would have been available for the redemption of debt and for other purposes.