HC Deb 20 April 1937 vol 322 cc1611-2

Then I shall have to ask for legislative authority for certain points which arise out of the recent Trade Agreement with Canada, and I shall have to introduce resolutions applying the Ottawa Agreements Act to the new Agreement, reducing the preferential duties on certain silk stockings of Empire production and abolishing the preferential duties on certain musical instruments known, I believe, as reed organs, also of Empire origin.

I believe the Committee has heard of the Medicine Stamp Duties and knows that the report of a Select Committee on that subject has been made public. I have had a good many representations from various quarters since its publication, and I am having the recommendations of the Committee examined in the light of those representations. But, in view of the very complex issues involved and the existing strain upon the time of Parliament, I am not proposing to introduce legislation on this subject in the Finance Bill this year.

There is another minor proposal which is designed to secure that motor vehicles on which a container or other similar device is superimposed, shall be taken as though the weight of the vehicle for taxation purposes, in appropriate circumstances, included the weight of the container.

Finally, I would recall a statement by my right hon. Friend the Minister of Health on 24th February last, when he informed the House that the Government had decided to meet views which have often been expressed here and to abolish the Male Servants Licence Duty. A Clause in the Finance Bill will give effect to that proposal as from 1st January next.