HC Deb 18 November 1936 vol 317 c1769
13. Mr. BROAD

asked the First Lord of the Admiralty the date on which the first of the reviews of Service conditions began; the number of requests so far received at the Admiralty and from where; the date on which the last requests are expected; whether the full list of requests and replies will be published in Admiralty Fleet Orders, as was done with the Welfare Conference requests; and on what date they are expected to be announced?


The review of Service conditions began in all commands during September and October last on dates selected by the senior officer in each Fleet. Requests have so far been received at the Admiralty from four of the smaller commands and total over 400. The last requests are expected to reach the Admiralty about the end of December. Requests and the decision on each request will be published in Fleet Orders; but at this early stage of the review I am unable to say by what date the Admiralty will have completed their consideration of the requests.


Is not there rather unusual delay on this occasion, as it seems to be a very long time since these reviews began?


No, Sir, I think that the right hon. Gentleman will find, if he looks into the matter, that we are following the usual procedure. We regard the reviews as of great importance. They come at periodical times, and we shall give very full attention to them.

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