HC Deb 04 May 1936 vol 311 cc1332-3

asked the Minister of Agriculture the statistics of the pig population in Lincolnshire at the last convenient date?


As the reply contains a number of figures I will, with permission,

Total Number of Pigs on Agricultural Holdings above one acre in extent in the Holland, Kesteven and Lindsey divisions of Lincolnshire on 4th June and 4th December, 1935.
Holland. Kesteven. Lindsey. Total.
4th June, 1935. 4th Dec., 1935. * 4th June, 1935. 4th Dec., 1935. * 4th June, 1935. 4th Dec., 1935 * 4th June, 1935. 4th Dec., 1935. *
No. No No. No. No. No. No. No.
Sows kept for breeding including gilts in Pig. 7,808 8,692 5910 6,051 16,763 15,582 30,481 30,325,
Boars being used for Service. 490 669 404 420 1,074 1,183 1,968 2,272
All other Pigs:
under 2 months old 18,501 16,334 13,469 13,001 40,423 36,147 72,393 65,482
2 months old and above. 32,602 51,781 21,319 32,184 58,923 91,052 112,844 175,017
Total Pigs 59,401 77,476 41,102 51,656 117,183 143,964 217,686 273,096
* The number of pigs on 4th December, 1935, is an estimated figure.

asked the Minister of Agriculture whether he will draw the attention of the Bacon Development Board to the lack of adequate facilities in Lincolnshire for the killing and curing of pigs?


The Bacon Development Board have before them an application for a licence for a bacon factory in Lincolnshire which, I understand, they are to consider further on 6th May, when I have no doubt they will have due regard to any representations made in support of the application. In view of the procedure laid down in the Bacon Development Scheme, and of the right of applicants to refer to arbitration in the event of the board deciding not to grant a licence, I could not, at the present time, express any opinion as to the merits of the case.

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