HC Deb 31 March 1936 vol 310 c1821
48. Lieut.-Commander FLETCHER

asked the Prime Minister whether any single authority exists with powers to ensure full and effective use of the country's industrial capacity and manpower available for production of the requirements of the three Service Departments and to co-ordinate the supply demands of these Departments, so that proper priority is observed and competition and overlapping between them avoided?


The position is outlined in Section IV. of Command Paper 5107. It is one of the functions of the Committee of Imperial Defence to make plans to enable the necessary powers to be taken in this regard in time of emergency. It is also a function of this committee to co-ordinate the supply demands of the several Departments for such purposes as are indicated in the last part of the question.

Lieut.-Commander FLETCHER

May I ask the Prime Minister whether it would not be more satisfactory to proceed forthwith to the appointment of a Minister of Supply, observing that many experts consider the appointment of such a Minister to be a matter of even more urgent importance than the appointment of a Minister for the Co-ordination of Defence?


If the Government felt that such a Minister was necessary, I have no doubt they would appoint one. I am not yet convinced of it, although the time may come when it may be necessary.