HC Deb 31 March 1936 vol 310 cc1809-10

asked the Secretary for Mines whether he will specify the foreign countries and destinations of the 5,937,000 tons of coal exported from Bristol Channel ports during the year 1935 which are unrestricted as to price and delivery by the purchaser; and whether this quantity could be materially increased if lower prices, additional facilities, or other special inducements were quoted by the exporter?


As the answer to the first part of the question involves a table covering no less than 55 separate destinations, I will, with my hon. Friend's permission, circulate it in the OFFICIAL REPORT. The second part of the question involves a variety of considerations too complicated to be suitable for discussion within the limits of the reply to a question. I would point out, however, that a large proportion of this tonnage was shipped to markets where the United Kingdom was the principal or sole supplier.

Following is the table:

Coal Exports in 1935 from Bristol Channel Ports to Countries other than those with which Trade Agreements are in existence or where quantitative restriction of the importation and/or consumption of foreign coal is in, force.
Country to which consigned. Quantity from Bristol Channel Ports.
Channel Islands 160,562
Gibraltar 193,337
Malta and Gozo 56,243

Country to which consigned. Quantity from Bristol Channel Ports.
Cyprus 912
Palestine (including Trans-Jordan) 111,144
Sierra Leone 46,969
Gold Coast (including Togo-land, under British Mandate) 2,002
Nigeria (including Cameroons, under British Mandate) 802
Aden and Dependencies 18,752
British India 6,102
Straits Settlements and Dependencies (including Labuan) 16,376
Ceylon and Dependencies 23,324
Hong Kong 4,000
Australia 10,007
Canada 1,151,243
Newfoundland and coast of Labrador 53,403
Bermuda 4,709
Jamaica and Dependencies 12,479
Trinidad and Tobago 195
Other British West India Isles 2,957
British Guiana 519
Java 173
Algeria 376,843
Tunis 121,068
French West and Equatorial Africa 83,047
French Somaliland 13,488
Madagascar and Dependencies 3,512
Reunion (Bourbon) 495
Syria 1,138
French West India Isles 8,642
Portugal 939,246
Azores 7,633
Madeira 41,056
Portuguese West Africa (excluding Angola) 26,337
Angola 10,126
Canary Islands 166,005
Spanish Ports in North Africa 100,996
Italian Aegean Isles 3,843
Libya 16,021
Italian East Africa 5,496
Yugo-Slavia 2,149
Greece 97,520
Roumania 10,841
Egypt 1,379,848
Morocco 41,691
Iraq 295
China (exclusive of Hong Kong, Macoa, Manchuria and leased territories) 496
United States of America 113,099
Cuba 6,463
St. Domingo 507
Chile 785
Brazil 474,630
Bolivia 7
Paraguay 58
Whale Fisheries, Foreign 7,330
Total of above destinations 5,936,921