HC Deb 26 March 1936 vol 310 cc1392-3
31 and 32. Mr. E. J. WILLIAMS

asked the Home Secretary (1) the names of police stations in the City and Metropolitan district, respectively, where there are waiting rooms and where no waiting rooms are provided;

(2) whether waiting rooms are provided at all police stations in the Metropolitan Police District; and whether persons going to police stations to make a statement or to offer themselves at witnesses are accommodated in waiting rooms if there is any substantial delay in such persons being attended to by the officer in charge?


In the City Police District there are two stations with waiting rooms and three without, one of the latter being a temporary station pending rebuilding. In the Metropolitan Police District waiting rooms are provided at 104 police stations; at the remaining 75 stations there is no room specifically allocated as a waiting room. These 75 stations are mainly in the outer areas and are not usually busy, but there is generally a waiting lobby where a caller can wait if he cannot be attended to immediately. One of the aims of the rebuilding programme now in hand is to provide waiting rooms at all stations. If the hon. Member would like to have lists of the stations I will send them to him.


Will my hon. Friend consider, in the rebuilding programme that to mentions, trying to secure some sort of privacy? At present it often happens that a person going to a police station to make a complaint has to stand and discuss private matters at a counter where other people also are standing.


In some stations there is to be provision for an interviewing room as well as a waiting room.


Will that be so at the new ones?


Yes, Sir.