HC Deb 18 March 1936 vol 310 cc425-6
49 and 50. Mr. WHITE

asked the Minister of Transport (1) the amount of grants from the Road Fund towards new construction and major improvements estimated to be paid out of the Road Fund during the next five years;

(2) whether the £130,000,000, now stated to be the cost of schemes already approved under the five-year road plan, is to be wholly paid for out of the Road Fund; and whether the resources of the Road Fund will be sufficient to meet these demands?


asked the Minister of Transport what proportion of the £130,000,000 now proposed to be spent under the five-year road plan on schemes already approved will fall upon the Road Fund and what proportion on the rates?


£130,000,000 represents the estimated cost of schemes submitted by highway authorities under the five-year programme. So far as can be estimated at this stage the proportion of the cost of the programme ultimately approved which will be borne by the Road Fund is about 70 per cent.


What proportion of that amount has been approved?


The first year's instalment of the plans has been approved. I think it amounts to about £30,000,000, but I would prefer to have notice before giving the exact amount.