HC Deb 05 March 1936 vol 309 cc1559-60
54 and 55. Mr. E. DUNN

asked the Minister of Health (1) how many houses have been built in England and Wales under the 1934 Housing Acts, with the consent of the Ministry of Health, where the full Government subsidy has been and is now being passed on to private individuals; and will he state the amount of the taxpayers' money already paid and the final commitments at the termination of the subsidy period, and name the local authorities involved;

(2) how many houses have been built under the 1924 Housing Act in England and Wales where, in addition to the Government subsidy under the same Act, the local authority have made and are now making grants from the local rates for the selfsame houses to private individuals; how much money has been paid; what are the final financial commitments at the termination of the subsidy period; and will he name the local authorities?


Grants have been made under the Housing (Financial Provisions) Act, 1924, to sonic 260 local authorities in respect of about 14,000 houses erected by private enterprise including societies, trustees and companies as well as individuals, but I have no details of the number of such houses in each category and the information asked for could only be obtained by inquiry of each of the 260 local authorities concerned. If the hon. Member desires information in any particular case, perhaps he will communicate with me and I will obtain it.

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