HC Deb 03 March 1936 vol 309 cc1193-4
70. Mr. TH URTLE

asked the hon. Member for Ipswich, as chairman of the Kitchen Committee, whether his attention has been called to the modern milk bars now operating in London; and whether, both for the purpose of increasing the amenities of the House and of assisting the efforts of the Minister of Agriculture to increase the consumption of milk, he will consider the installation of an up-to-date milk bar for the convenience of Members of this House?

Sir JOHN GANZONI (Chairman of the Kitchen Committee)

Yes, Sir, but hon. Members can already obtain as much milk as they require, and there is neither staff nor space for a special milk bar.


Is the hon. Member aware that at a proper modern milk bar a great variety of milk drinks may be obtained; and if he receives information that it is generally desired by Members, will he reconsider the matter?


If there is a general desire, I will.


Will the hon. Gentleman instal milk immediately, so that Members can disguise what they are drinking?


Will the hon. Gentleman consider altering the Lobby Refreshment Bar by converting it into a milk bar?