HC Deb 15 June 1936 vol 313 cc616-7

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he is aware that British graduates taking educational service in Egypt for periods of a few years lose these years for the purpose of promotion and superannuations, while foreign graduates in similar circumstances are safeguarded by their Governments from suffering a similar disadvantage; and whether, in view of the growth of cultural propaganda by the Italian and other foreign Governments in Egypt and of the importance of securing a high quality of British ability in these services, any steps have been taken to meet this difficulty, and with what result?


His Majesty's Government are fully aware of the position to which the hon. Member has drawn attention and have, under the Teachers' Superannuation Act, 1933, secured certain pension rights for British teachers in Egypt. They hope also, that, through the goodwill of the Egyptian Government, who have appointed a British chief inspector to look after the interests of European school teachers in Egypt, certain improvements may be made in the conditions of service in that country. The question of the promotion of British teachers on their return from Egypt is one of greater difficulty, owing to the fact, as I understand, that in Great Britain these teachers are employed by the local educational authorities and not, as in the foreign countries to which the hon. Member refers, employed by the State. His Majesty's Government are, however, considering, in consultation with the British Council for Relations with other Countries, whether anything can be done to improve the position in this respect also.


Seeing that the disadvantages are national rather than educational, will the Government consider the possibility of meeting the expenses of making up any breaks in superannuation when they may occur, and will the right hon. Gentleman consult with the Universities upon the whole question?


Perhaps the hon. Lady will be good enough to communicate with me.