HC Deb 10 June 1936 vol 313 cc190-1

asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether he has any statement to make with reference to the questionnaire recently submitted to the German Government; and when a reply may be expected?


asked the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs whether His Majesty's Government have yet received any further information in regard to the peace and disarmament plan of the German Government?


His Majesty's Government have not yet received a reply to the communication addressed to the German Government through His Majesty's Ambassador in Berlin on 6th May. On 23rd May His Majesty's Ambassador was instructed to communicate again with the German Government and to remind them of the desire of His Majesty's Government to receive a reply to their previous communication. Sir E. Phipps was further asked to emphasise that His Majesty's Government were anxious to elucidate as soon as possible the points which were not clear to them in the German Government's memoranda of the 7th, 24th and 31st March. The purpose of His Majesty's Government was to secure that general negotiations should be opened for the conclusion of Western and Eastern European security arrangements and the return of Germany to the League, with a view to the permanent solution of the continuing situation created by the German Government's action of 7th March. In reply it was intimated to Sir Eric Phipps on 26th May that no reply would be forthcoming until after the formation of the new French Government.


Is not the German Government really waiting for the British Government to make up its mind about collective security?


Certainly not. There is no reason whatever why these questions should not be answered. The hon. Gentleman's suggestion, I hope, will receive no support anywhere.


Does the right hon. Gentleman remember that the German Government previously expressed the opinion that, until the question of sanctions was disposed of, the time would not be opportune to discuss any new arrangements; and is this still acting as an obstacle to the opening of fresh negotiations?


I cannot answer for the German Government; I can only answer for our own; and in our view we ought to make progress as soon as possible.

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