HC Deb 22 July 1936 vol 315 cc437-8
47. Mr. JAGGER

asked the Minister of Transport whether he will issue instructions that there shall be no de-restriction speed signs on roads which do not accommodate at least three lines of traffic?


This matter is governed by law.

48. Mr. JAGGER

asked the Minister of Transport what number of prosecutions for non-observance of halt signs have taken place since such signs were instituted; and whether he will issue an order for the placing of halt signs on all branch roads leading to arterial or through roads?


My right hon. Friend the Secretary of State for the Home Department has informed me that he has no information on the number of prosecutions for this offence. The directions governing the placing of this sign provide for its erection at road junctions where the driver of a vehicle approaching a major road from a minor road cannot have a reasonably clear view in both directions of the major road before he enters that road.

60. Commander LOCKER-LAMPSON

asked the Minister of Transport whether he will take steps to require the placing of some indication on lamp-posts in districts outside towns or villages which may not easily be recognisable as controlled areas to show that a 30 miles per hour speed limit is in force?


Where the speed limit is not in force in a built-up area every lamp post is marked with a de-restriction sign. The absence of such a sign is a clear indication that the limit is in force.


Is my right hon. Friend aware that in a large number of districts in the country the lamp-posts are not marked in the restricted areas?


No, Sir, I was not aware of it, or I should not have given the answer that I have given. If my hon. and gallant Friend can give me any information about those particular roads I shall be most happy.