HC Deb 15 July 1936 vol 314 c2042
58. Commander LOCKER-LAMPSON

asked the Minister of Transport whether, in views of the fact that Circular No. 429. (Roads) asks highway authorities to consult with chief officers of police before deciding at what points to erect the new signs "Halt at Major Road Ahead," he is satisfied that this is being carried out in dealing with the increasing number of these signs at points where they do not appear to be necessary; and whether he is aware that no indication is given as to the point at which drivers should halt where these signs have been erected?


If my hon. and gallant Friend will call my attention to any particular case where, in his view, a sign of this character has been erected inadvisedly, I will cause inquiries to be made. As to the latter part of the question, the sign itself requires the driver to halt at the major road.


When the road is wide enough, will my right hon. Friend consider having the "Halt" signs put in the middle of the road on an island, so that they can be properly seen by the road users, as at present motorists very often do not see the signs on the side of the road hanging from lamp posts?


I am always glad to consider any helpful suggestion.