HC Deb 24 February 1936 vol 309 cc34-5
55. Mr. SHORT

asked the President of the Board of Trade the total tonnage of new shipping constructed during 1935 and the tonnage for 1934?


I will circulate in the OFFICIAL REPORT a statement showing the tonnage of merchant vessels of 100 tons gross and over launched during 1934 and 1935 respectively and the tonnage under construction at 31st December in each of those two years.

Following is the statement:

Tonnage launched:

According to the returns of Lloyd's Register of Shipping, the tonnage of merchant vessels of 100 tons gross and upwards launched in the world during 1934 and 1935 was 967,419 tons gross and 1,302,080 tons gross respectively.

The corresponding figures for Great Britain and Ireland were 459,877 tons gross in 1934 and 499,011 tons gross in 1935.

These figures include all vessels launched, whether they were completed during the year or not.

Tonnage under construction:

There were under construction in the world on the 31st December, 1935, 1,543,153 tons gross of merchant vessels of 100 tons gross or upwards, of which 743,086 tons gross were under construction in Great Britain and Ireland.

The corresponding figures for 1934 were 1,251,722 tons gross in the world and 596,834 tons gross in Great Britain and Ireland.

These returns of vessels under construction include all vessels not completed whether they had been launched or not.